On the radar for today was chipping away at one of the large remaining loops on the Hatley Heart Attack.

Today’s task started in the village of Toft and involved a walk of nearly 19 km, or 12 miles if you prefer. Some of the areas seemed distinctly familiar, especially on the drive there, and I think that’s because of previous trips down this way to complete the Cambridge CacheAthon and other bits of this Heart Attack series.

That’s pretty much all I have to say on the subject though, because I didn’t take a camera and there weren’t any church micros or other caches of note except for a puzzle that was actually a chirp, where I’d got the coordinates a year or so earlier when doing the Cambridge Cachathon, but timed out on that day. As luck would have it, this circuit took me right past it, and it was the biggest cache I found all day.

So it might have been quite a dull day in terms of my ability to write about it or provide you with a visually stunning portrait, but I did find 79 caches. I do think the diagrams made using Memory-Map are visually interesting though.

And no day with 79 cache finds can be regarded as a bad one.

Caches I found on this day were :