Wolverton? That’s Miles Away

This was a Kev solo effort by bicycle one evening once the kids were in snoozy land. The real purpose was to locate a Kitey in Wolverton, but you can’t go around just doing one cache. Not the actual Kitey, by the way, but one of his caches.

My first stop was therefore The whole 9 Yards by dhevans_6. This proved to be a very easy find in a tree. Still, by the time I got there I needed a break. It’s a long way up there from our house.

Next up was Stage 1 of Mission Impossible MK1: It’s a Killer by Kitey. This proved to a nice quiet location. Some kids in a nearby field but not close enough to know what I was doing. The goodies were easily located but sadly, as with most of Kitey’s, you need to do something else. And to achieve that something else the best idea seemed to be to think about it at home.

A Quiet Spot

Next up was a right little gem. Away from the Maddening Crowds? by gotya133. This is in a little garden in between the rows of old houses in Wolverton. It is a gem because you wouldn’t expect a garden there, and you certainly wouldn’t expect that was so quiet. I did, however, get engaged by a lady who was busily tending things in the garden. We talked briefly about this and that until I finally fessed up, assuming that she knew about the cache in there. She did, so that was OK. It was where it was supposed to be. It was a nice little chat and made the trip feel more worthwhile.

Last up for the evening was No Mileage on This !  by Charlie Lima & G. This is a pretty simple job next to a milepost on the V4. Not much more to say except it is a very conspicuous location.

And after that lot, I cycled home. Total trip distance around 18km. Exercise and caching – what could be better ?