Nearly Extinct

Ah! The Woolley Mammoth. A series near Huntingdon passing through the village of Woolley, hence the name. You can’t beat a good mammoth. Partly because it would be rude, and partly because they’re all dead already.

That makes it sound somewhat more straightforward than it actually was though. On a previous trip right at the start of the year ( see S2E2 ) I’d been up this way with BingBongLong and we’d done parts of the loops around Spaldwick and Stow Longa, however the Woolley Mammoth series comes all the way down here and forms interlinking loops with the S2E2 series, and on that day we’d taken a route that took in part of the Woolley Mammoth. That meant that on this trip I had to finish the adjacent short section of the S2E2 series. That was the end of the day, though.

I parked in Spaldwick and headed in a clockwise loop north towards Woolley. It was a bright, sunny day, as I remember, but I’d forgotten my camera, so I don’t have any evidence.

The walk was pretty good but not especially spectacular except for two things of note. Firstly, there’s a really impressive wind farm up on Woolley Hill that I got to walk right through the middle of. And secondly, there was a point where I encountered a local workman who was replacing bits of a wooden bridge in between two fields, right where I was walking and right where a cache was supposed to be. I was a bit sneaky trying to find the cache there, and then he spotted me. We had a bit of a chat and he pointed me over towards where the path went across to a nearby road, and where I’d missed one on the GPS map.


I think he sort of knew what I was doing, but he didn’t mention it. On the way back he’d popped to his van for a tea break so I took the opportunity to do my good deed for the day, and I dropped a new cache from my bag about 10 yards up the hedge from where he was working. There was supposed to be a cache right where he was, but it had been missing for some time, and I think this was most likely because the old bridge had been in trouble, and was being replaced. Anyway, the CO was happy I’d replaced it and confirmed that there was no way the cache could go back in the original spot.

And that was it. On the way out I did a few drive-bys that I hadn’t picked up on previous trips. I made a total of 58 finds. They were :