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The Sketch

Quack! World Wide Flash Mob X was the tenth in an annual set of events in May. Cachers assemble at various locations and do something daft for 15 minutes. In the case of the Aylesbury event, we mucked about with rubber ducks in a fountain. In this particular year, the events could be held on a Saturday that was also the proverbial Star Wars Day.

For us, Kas needed some time to get a bit of work done. That would be easier if me and the kids shot off for the afternoon to do a bit of caching. Well, we couldn’t just do a 15 minute event, so we went for the afternoon.

Pre-Event Caches

After a couple of drive-by caches we ended up in Bierton, which promised much. It promised quite a few caches, in fact. But the reality was rather disappointing. Half of them were missing or not findable or needed half a day. The highlight was my first FTF in ages on Zombie Saint.

From Bierton we drove south to collect a couple of caches in the countryside. And then on to Stoke Mandeville for three distinctly urban ones.

And then to the event. It was good fun, as evidenced by the photos. We still have the ducks…….

The caches we found on the day of World Wide Flash Mob X were :