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The Sketch

Yakkety Yaxley, don’t talk baxley. It was a beautiful day that deserved to be spent breathing fresh air and wishing I’d taken suncream. There was quite a lot of Tupperware involved.

Today turned out to be a bit of an epic. It began with dropping Izzy off with Kas and Ami at parkrun in the morning. I headed up in the general direction of Peterborough with a plan to have a go at a new series that poshrule planted around Yaxley. A couple of years ago I had a monster day up here doing the previous series around this area ( see Yaxley to Connington ). On that day, I did three circuits and a handful of drive-bys and passed 100 finds for the day fairly easily. I didn’t set out with a target in mind. I just wanted to do as much as I could fit in before darkness descended. After all, it’s March 25th and so far my tally for the month is 2, both of which were events.

Norman Cross

I parked on the road outside Norman Cross rather than nipping into the hotel car park like I did last time. They’ve added a new fence. And this time I walked around clockwise rather than anti-clockwise. Apart from that, it was much the same circuit. I haven’t checked how many caches are in exactly the same place as the previous circuit. I suspect it’s quite a few of them.

When I got around to the village of Yaxley this time I decided I should go investigate. Last time I just walked by, having decided I had bigger fish to fry. This time I had a pop at four church micro multis that I’d managed to solve using Google. All of them were where I calculated, which was good.

I ventured out into the fields here too, because I didn’t want to leave an irritating cluster of unfound caches in a place I’d notionally “been to”. I did that last time, and it irritated me. “Never again !”, I say “Never !”.

When I got back to my car, after about 5 hours, I’d worked my way well past 60 finds. It was only around 4 pm and I figured I should do a few more in the car until it got dark at least. I wasn’t up for any more walking as the old legs were complaining a bit. But surely I could manage to do a few in the car.


The “Morborne Maillot Jaune” is a spread-out series around roads surrounding the Morborne Transmitter. There’s a walking series too, which runs a loop somewhat closer to the tower, but my focus was the Maillot Jaune. As the name suggests it was designed for cyclists mainly, but thankfully the owner placed pretty much all of the caches in locations where you can stop a car. And stop is what I did.

By the time I got three-quarters of the way round I was approaching 90 finds. The possibility of making 100 finds for the day started to rear its head. Well, you can’t get that close and then just give up, especially if there’s still a bit of daylight left. The hundredth was suitably achieved in Stilton, the home of the smelly cheese (although there seems to be some debate on the matter).

And that was my lot for the day, aside from driving home afterwards. It was proper dark by the time I got back onto the A1M to come home.

The caches I found on the day were: