The Main Event

I think I set off with the objective of trying to make over 100 finds. I’d decided that the A1 to the south of Peterborough would be a good place to go. There were a string of caches alongside the old Great North Road from Yaxley to Conington, plus a number of loop series.

I decided to go from top to bottom, starting with the longest of the three loops at Yaxley. This one was about 10km in length and yielded 44 caches in under 4 hours. Excellent start.

From here I headed south, collecting 5 drive-bys, before reaching the short (but perfectly formed) Fen Lane FTF series. This was a short walk of just 4 km that yielded 14 finds in an hour. That made 63 finds in under 6 hours.

I continued heading south from Yaxley and picked up another 7 in the car before arriving near Conington for the Conington Criterium series – an 8km walk (it is supposed to be done on a bike, I think) around tarmacked roads that yielded a further 30 finds in a little over 2 hours. It was really quite quick going. I did miss out on the Church Micro here though, because there was a gymkhana going on in the field next to the church, which meant there was a bunch of bored kids farting about at the site of the cache. They didn’t move so after 10 minutes I gave up and moved on.

Don’t Stop Me Now

When I got back to the car it was getting into the evening. I’d been out all day, but I was tantalisingly close to a new personal record for a single day. I was only three short, in fact. I was therefore duty-bound to attempt another three. Thankfully there were three easy drive-bys in between where I was parked and the nearest southbound entrance to the A1, which was a happy coincidence.

103 finds in the day, taking around 9 hours. 88 caches were done over 22 km of walking, with the balance being done as drive-bys as I passed between walking loops. When I arrived home I’d had enough for one day.

The caches I found on the day were :