We got up fairly early, had a quick breakfast and got onto the road by 9:30 am.  We were on a mission to go to another country. Spain if you must know. We were heading to Seville for the day, partly just so we could say we’d been and partly because it’s somewhere both Kas and I have always wanted to go. Partly also because I wanted to do a few caches there so I could “get another country”

On the way we stopped to put on suncream. Somehow the previous day in Carvoeiro I’d managed to get myself seriously sunburnt through the armpits of the shirt I was wearing, and to put it mildy, I was in some discomfort. I have no idea how I managed to achieve that.

The journey along the motorway towards Spain was pretty uneventful until we decided to stop for fuel. We had several problems. We couldn’t figure out whether we had to pre-pay or not (we had to), and we also couldn’t figure out how to get the fuel filler cap open. There was no lever like my car has, and it didn’t lock with the key. It took us ages, having pulled up to a pump, then pulled away again to allow the queue behind us to clear, and so on. Eventually we enlisted help from the kids. Sure enough, within a minute or so, Izzy had got it sorted. The fuel filler cap on a VW Golf is spring loaded apparently, and you just have to press the cap inwards to make it pop out properly. D’oh! I’m sure this foreign driving game is easier in your own car.

When we got into central Seville it was about midday Portuguese time, but we’d completely forgotten that Spain is 1 hour ahead. The phones remembered, but we didn’t. We thought we’d just wasted an hour somewhere without noticing.

So we parked up (eventually) and grabbed a fairly leisurely (but relaxing) lunch at a cafe just outside the Plaza de España.

The Plaza de España is apparently a landmark example of the Regionalism Architecture, mixing elements of the Renaissance Revival and Moorish Revival (Neo-Mudéjar) styles of Spanish architecture. Whatever that means, it’s pretty impressive, consisting of a very wide semi-circular promenade with big towers at each end and in the middle. Within the semi-circle is a series of canals with little squares, fountains and bridges. It’s really pretty. The whole place gets a bit of a fairytale look from the fact that many of the surfaces (especially around the waterways) are ornately tiled in bright coloured ceramics.

Day_9_Seville_001.JPG Day_9_Seville_002.JPG Day_9_Seville_003.JPG Day_9_Seville_004.JPG Day_9_Seville_005.JPG Day_9_Seville_006.JPG Day_9_Seville_007.JPG Day_9_Seville_008.JPG Day_9_Seville_009.JPG Day_9_Seville_010.JPG Day_9_Seville_011.JPG Day_9_Seville_012.JPG Day_9_Seville_013.JPG Day_9_Seville_014.JPG Day_9_Seville_015.JPG Day_9_Seville_016.JPG Day_9_Seville_017.JPG Day_9_Seville_018.JPG Day_9_Seville_019.JPG Day_9_Seville_020.JPG Day_9_Seville_021.JPG Day_9_Seville_022.JPG Day_9_Seville_023.JPG Day_9_Seville_024.JPG Day_9_Seville_025.JPG Day_9_Seville_026.JPG Day_9_Seville_027.JPG Day_9_Seville_028.JPG

One of the great features of the Plaza de España is the row of tiled “Provincial Alcoves” set into the inside ring of the semi-circle. There’s a little alcove for each Spanish province (all 48 or them at the time it was done), each of which is ornately decorated with a religious or historical scene representing the relevant province. Each is big enough to have a couple of tiled benches guarding its entrance and therefore allowing the opportunity to rest up a bit and approeciate the architecture.

Day_9_Seville_064.JPG Day_9_Seville_065.JPG Day_9_Seville_066.JPG Day_9_Seville_067.JPG Day_9_Seville_068.JPG Day_9_Seville_069.JPG Day_9_Seville_070.JPG Day_9_Seville_071.JPG Day_9_Seville_072.JPG Day_9_Seville_073.JPG Day_9_Seville_074.JPG Day_9_Seville_075.JPG Day_9_Seville_076.JPG Day_9_Seville_077.JPG Day_9_Seville_078.JPG Day_9_Seville_079.JPG Day_9_Seville_080.JPG Day_9_Seville_081.JPG Day_9_Seville_082.JPG Day_9_Seville_083.JPG Day_9_Seville_084.JPG Day_9_Seville_085.JPG Day_9_Seville_086.JPG Day_9_Seville_087.JPG Day_9_Seville_088.JPG Day_9_Seville_089.JPG Day_9_Seville_090.JPG Day_9_Seville_091.JPG Day_9_Seville_092.JPG Day_9_Seville_093.JPG Day_9_Seville_094.JPG Day_9_Seville_095.JPG Day_9_Seville_096.JPG Day_9_Seville_097.JPG Day_9_Seville_098.JPG Day_9_Seville_099.JPG Day_9_Seville_100.JPG Day_9_Seville_101.JPG Day_9_Seville_102.JPG Day_9_Seville_103.JPG Day_9_Seville_104.JPG Day_9_Seville_105.JPG Day_9_Seville_106.JPG Day_9_Seville_107.JPG Day_9_Seville_108.JPG Day_9_Seville_109.JPG Day_9_Seville_110.JPG Day_9_Seville_111.JPG

While we were in the Plaza de España we found a few caches in the park and on the building.

From here we meandered our way past a couple more caches on our way to the Reales Alcázares de Sevilla – a substantial complex of palaces and gardens originally built by the Moorish kings. The current Spanish monarchy still uses the upper floors as an official residence when they’re in town.  It’s quite impressive.

Day_9_Seville_029.JPG Day_9_Seville_030.JPG Day_9_Seville_031.JPG Day_9_Seville_032.JPG Day_9_Seville_033.JPG Day_9_Seville_034.JPG Day_9_Seville_035.JPG Day_9_Seville_036.JPG Day_9_Seville_037.JPG Day_9_Seville_038.JPG Day_9_Seville_039.JPG Day_9_Seville_040.JPG Day_9_Seville_041.JPG Day_9_Seville_042.JPG Day_9_Seville_043.JPG Day_9_Seville_044.JPG Day_9_Seville_045.JPG Day_9_Seville_046.JPG Day_9_Seville_047.JPG Day_9_Seville_048.JPG Day_9_Seville_049.JPG Day_9_Seville_050.JPG Day_9_Seville_051.JPG Day_9_Seville_052.JPG Day_9_Seville_053.JPG Day_9_Seville_054.JPG Day_9_Seville_055.JPG Day_9_Seville_056.JPG

From here we wandered towards the Catedral, where we bought souvenirs and mooched about a bit. The cathedral is the largest Gothic, and the third largest Christian church in the world. It’s also (one for the pedants here) the largest cathedral in the world, as the two churches that are larger aren’t the seat of a bishop. Given that one of the larger two is The Pope’s Gaff it seems a bit harsh claiming to be the biggest on a technicality like that.

Day_9_Seville_057.JPG Day_9_Seville_058.JPG Day_9_Seville_059.JPG Day_9_Seville_062.JPG Day_9_Seville_063.JPG

Anyway, by this time we were getting a bit hungry, as it had been a while since lunch. This is when we hit upon a bit of a problem. Sunday evening in Seville seems to involve restaurants not serving food. The first place we tried made sure we’d ordered and received drinks before telling us their kitchen was shut. We drank up quickly and moved on. The next place we tried left us sitting unattended for ages before we finally just got up and left.  At the place where we had lunch they were still serving, but not food, just drinks. At this point we decided to cut our losses and start heading home.

We managed to get out of town with only one navigational error, and we drove all the way to the motorway services at Olhão before needing to stop for a drink.

Oooh look ! There’s a cache in the car park.

When we eventually got home it was quite late, so we had some quick snacks out of the fridge for tea and then hurried the kids to bed.

Paragliding tomorrow for Kas and Ami.

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