So what did I actually do on the caching front in 2010 then ?

May (1 find)

June (21 finds)

  • On June 11th we went went out in Tattenhoe to find some supposedly simple caches but found nowt (see Tattenhoe Trials)
  • On June 13th we went around Furzton Lake and made our first ever UK finds (see Cache & Dash) – 5 finds
  • On June 15th we scooted off around Tattenhoe and Westcroft on the bikes (see Tattenhoe Trials) – 5 finds
  • On June 20th we were up at my folks in Measham and they joined us in a quick scuttle around Donisthorpe (see Donisthorpe Donder) – 3 finds
  • On June 21st I finally found an irritating one nearby in Tattenhoe (see Linear Luck) – 1 find
  • On June 26th we grabbed a few caches up in Stony Stratford (see Stony Strut) – 7 finds

July (46 finds)

  • On July 2nd we grabbed a couple of quickies near home (see Easy Emerson) – 2 finds
  • On July 3rd we collected a couple at Willen Lake (see Willen Wibble) – 2 finds
  • On July 4th we found a couple in Shenley Wood (see Shenley Shuffle) – 2 finds
  • On July 5th we returned to Shenley Wood for a couple more (see Shenley Shuffle 2) – 2 finds
  • On July 6th I met Kas in Broughton for a quickie or two (see Brisk Broughton) – 2 finds
  • On July 9th we popped out at lunchtime for one of the Mission Impossible series (see Mission Impossible) – 1 find
  • On July 10th we had free childcare and wento the pub on our bikes (see Pre-Pub Pootle) – 5 finds
  • On July 12th Kas picked up one in Bletchley (see Sweet Music) – 1 find
  • On July 14th we popped out at lunchtime again for another Mission Impossible (see Mission Impossible) – 1 find
  • On July 15th I biked over to Monkston in the evening (see Monkston Madness) – 6 finds
  • On July 16th we made a return trip to Stony Stratford (see Friday Night Cache Fest) – 4 finds
  • On July 17th the girls and me grabbed a couple in Willen while as was running (see Dinosaur Roarrrrrrr) – 2 finds
  • On July 18th we grabbed a couple on Willen North Lake – 2 finds
  • On July 19th I went out at lunchtime to fetch one near work – 1 find
  • On July 21st Kas grabbed one up in Calverton while out running – 1 find
  • On July 23rd I grabbed one whilst out on a business trip then I did a few more at home in the evening (see Breakfast at Tibshelf and North Bucks Way) – 4 finds
  • On July 25th we took our bikes and had a hack down the iBletchWin Trail series – 5 finds
  • On July 28th had a flash of inspiration (see iBletchWinspiration) – 3 finds

August (63 finds)


  • On August 1st – A few finds in Saint-Malo (see Swimming & St Malo) – 4 finds
  • On August 4th – A wander round France’s second most popular tourist attraction (see Mont St Michel) – 7 finds
  • On August 6th – A trip out to the lovely Pink Granite Coast of Brittany (see Pink Granite Coast) – 3 finds
  • On August 7th – An afternoon wander around the seaside town of Dinard (see Dinard Donder) – 7 finds
  • On August 9th – A drive back across France to see some embroidery and a famous beach (see Norman Conquests) – 3 finds
  • On August 10th – An afternoon gawping at canal locks followed by an evening dash into Dinard (see Hédé and Dinard)- 2 finds
  • On August 11th – A trip to the beach and a further attempt at parking in Dinard (see Cancale and Dinard)- 4 finds
  • On August 12th – A final trip into the centre of Saint Malo (see St Malo & Dinan)- 2 finds
  • On August 15th – A few close to home in Milton Keynes – 3 finds
  • On August 18th – Our first ever caching event (see Bordering on the Ridiculous #32) – 1 find
  • On August 19th – Two puzzles that had been bugging me (see Tattenhoe Tally-Ho !) – 2 finds
  • On August 20th – A quick dash out from work (see Fat Food Friday) – 3 finds
  • On August 21st – A single cache on a lunchtime dash – 1 find
  • On August 22nd – A walk in the woods with some added family (see Linford Wood) – 5 finds
  • On August 23rd – Shooting blind on a walk out from lunch with no GPS (see A Wavendon Wander) – 2 finds
  • On August 27th – A single local cache – 1 find
  • On August 29th – A windy day in the North-East (see A Windy Weekend) – 8 finds
  • On August 30th – More windy Geordies (see A Windy Weekend) – 3 finds
  • On August 31st – And a couple more before driving down south again (see A Windy Weekend) – 2 finds

September (32 finds)

  • On September 2nd – A random nearby puzzle cache GC28BVJ – Magiovinium, Home of the Codebreakers – 1 find
  • On September 3rd – We went up to the north of Milton Keynes for a few in the evening (see It’s Grim Up North) – 4 finds
  • On September 5th – I grabbed a couple while Ami was doing some plastic rock climbing (see Off the Wall) – 2 finds
  • On September 7th – I biked up to Wolverton to grab a few (see Wolverton ? Miles Away) – 3 finds
  • On September 9th – a quick find from the Mission Impossible series (see Mission Impossible) – 1 find
  • On September 10th – We collected an awkward little Herbert we’d spent quite a while figuring out (GC284BV – Bletchley, Home of the Codebreakers) – 1 find
  • On September 11th – A weekend at my folks house (see Donisthorpe Donder 2 – 9 finds
  • On September 12th – A random couple on the way home from my folks’ house – 2 finds
  • On September 14th – One quick find on the way home after having failed to find something else – 1 find
  • On September 15th – A quick find at the services on the M6 Toll on my way up to Blackpool – 1 find
  • On September 16th – A couple of troublesome ones near home, including another of the Mission Impossible series – 2 finds
  • On September 24th – A couple of finds in the middle of Milton Keynes – 2 finds
  • On September 25th – A trip out on the bike (see Back on the Bike) – 3 finds

October (73 finds)

  • On October 2nd – I found a few whilst stalking Milton Keynes to plan a cache I eventually never set (see Casing the Joint) – 4 finds
  • On October 3rd – A Sunday afternoon jaunt up the north end (see Over the Fields and Far Away) – 4 finds
  • On October 9th – A quick single find in Willen (GC15PWQ – UT TENSIO, SIC VIS) – 1 find
  • On October 10th – A handful of finds whilst planning one of my Schooldays series (see 10km Route Planning) – 4 finds
  • On October 14th – I had a cold so I took the afternoon off and went caching in the fresh air (see Going Wild in Woburn) – 18 finds
  • On October 17th – A quick dash up to Brickhill Woods – 4 finds
  • On October 20th – A BBH event cache and my 200th find, down in Edlesborough – 2 finds
  • On October 22nd – A handful around Caldecotte Lake while Kas took the kids up to her mum’s – 5 finds
  • On October 23rd – A bunch of finds near Tring whilst waiting for my folks to come and visit – 20 finds
  • On October 25th – A couple of quickies near home – 2 finds
  • On October 26th – Another trip to Blackpool and another cache at a service station (GC1HA8R – Motorway Mayhem M6 Keele Services Northbound) – 1 find
  • On October 29th – A walk in the newly planted woods near my folks house – 6 finds
  • On October 30th – A trip to Bradgate Park for a couple – 2 finds

November (16 finds)

December (21 finds)

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