My third year of caching, and the possibility of hitting a couple of milestones. There were no real objectives though – I’d not really been caching long enough to concern myself with specific objectives other than to go caching whenever the opportunity presented itself.

So what did I actually do on the caching front in 2012 then ?

January (53 finds)

  • On January 5th I dashed out at lunchtime for a quick find – 1 find
  • On January 14th I went to fetch a nearby cache in MK – 1 find
  • On January 21st I went for a couple of long walks around the countryside to the south of Leighton Buzzard – 32 finds
  • On January 31st I was on a business trip to Blackpool and had plenty of time to go caching in the evening – 19 finds

February (99 finds)

  • On February 4th I drove out to the far side of Buckingham for a few – 9 finds
  • On February 7th I was on a business trip to Blackpool and felt obliged to go out caching again – 12 finds
  • On February 11th I had a record-setting day up near Peterborough (see Peterborough Splurge) – 63 finds
  • On February 21st I collected a local puzzle that had been bugging local cachers for 9 months – 1 find
  • On February 27th I went out in the evening to grab a couple of caches – 2 finds
  • On February 29th I left work early to attack a new local series and then attend an event – 12 finds

March (51 finds)

  • On March 6th I headed down towards Mursley after work – 6 finds
  • On March 9th I went out at lunchtime to grab a local puzzle – 1 find
  • On March 10th I drove to the top of Northampton for what turned out to be quite a frustrating day – 15 finds
  • On March 12th and 13th I grabbed individual caches on workdays – 2 find
  • On March 14th I had a longer drive around at lunchtime followed by an evening event – 6 finds
  • On March 15th and 17th I grabbed individual caches on workdays – 2 find
  • On March 23rd to 25th we were in Lisbon over the weekend and collected a few (see Lisbon Half Marathon) – 13 finds
  • On March 29th I went out at lunchtime – 3 finds
  • On March 31st I visited Stowe for planning my own caches and grabbed a few on the way by – 3 finds

April (66 finds)

  • On April 1st I logged a world-famous (or at least, regionally famous) cache that doesn’t really exist (Apollo Fir?) – 1 find
  • On April 4th I grabbed a few in Blackpool on a business trip (again) – 7 finds
  • On April 7th I drove down to High Wycombe for a few finds and a nighttime event – 10 finds
  • On April 10th, 11th and 12th I grabbed odd ones and twos during work days – 6 finds
  • On April 13th I went to Stony Stratford for a few random finds – 6 finds
  • On April 15th I went out from my folks house in Measham for a few – 5 finds
  • On April 16th we were at home again and I went up to Newport Pagnell for a few – 9 finds
  • On April 20th I stopped off for an easy one on the way to work – 1 find
  • On April 22nd I was over towards Buckingham setting up a series of cahces at Stowe, and managed to find a few – 6 finds
  • On April 24th I grabbed a quickie at lunchtime – 1 find
  • On April 28th I hosted an event for my own caches at Stowe, managed to grab a few local ones beforehand, and then went to Northampton for a second event in the evening (see Stowe Series Release) – 11 finds
  • On April 30th I popped out at lunch and met a work colleague (unplanned) – 3 finds

May (97 finds)

  • On May 3rd I went out at lunchtime and somehow scraped an FTF – 1 find
  • On May 5th we were up in the north-east for the Bank Holiday weekend and went for a drive – 15 finds
  • On May 6th we were still up north and I found a few more – 2 finds
  • On May 7th we grabbed a couple more on our way home – 2 finds
  • On May 9th and 10th I was in Blackpool and grabbed a load over the course of the two days – 17 finds
  • On May 12th there was a new series up near Newport Pagnell – 16 finds
  • On May 13th I found a couple close to home – 2 finds
  • On May 16th I was in Blackpool again, with similar results to last time – 16 finds
  • On May 21st I found 4 near home at varying parts of the day – 4 finds
  • On May 22nd I was getting sick of going to Blackpool but thankfully not getting sick of going caching there – 20 finds
  • On May 27th we were down The Smoke while Kas did a run – I looked after the kids – 2 finds

June (96 finds)

  • On June 3rd I went up into the Cachemuda Triangle with Wavvy for a bit of a biggy (see Alconbury and Buckworth) – 56 finds
  • On June 6th and 7th I was back in Blackpool again – I used to go there quite a lot – 18 finds
  • On June 9th and 10th we were up at my folks over the weekend – 6 finds
  • On June 14th and 16th I went out in the evening to hoover up some local ones – 12 finds
  • On June 23rd I was in Pune on a business trip and snaffled a couple before flying to Chennai via Hyderabad in the evening – 2 finds
  • I was back home on June 30th and found one close to home and another out in the sticks – 2 finds

July (63 finds)

  • On July 3rd and 4th guess where I was ? It begins with a “Black” and ends with a “pool”, although to be honest, on most of these trips, it ended with a headache – 19 finds
  • On July 6th I was back home and did a single cache in the evening that needed some special equipment (water) – 1 find
  • On July 17th I was back there again (groan!) – 15 finds
  • On July 22nd it was the first ever Geolympix – Wavvy volunteered to drive for an attempt at the 11 in 11 challenge (see Geolympix 2012) – 22 finds
  • On July 23rd I ventured out for an hour near home – 4 finds
  • On July 29th we were at my folks and I had to go fetch Kas back from a 24 hour running event in Burton upon Trent – 2 finds

August (182 finds)

  • On August 4th I began the substantial Geolympix Marathon series on my way down to the airport (see Geolympix Marathon) – 44 finds
  • On August 10th I returned home from India and hacked round the rest of the Marathon (see Geolympix Marathon) – 66 finds
  • On August 11th the girls were all still away so I went caching again (see Midshires Meander) – 37 finds
  • On August 12th I was off setting a bunch of my own (see MKBW Magenta) and found a couple on the way – 2 finds
  • On August 18th we “coloured in” Norfolk with a trip over for an event on the beach – 5 finds
  • On August 19th there was a new one close to home – 1 find
  • On August 21st I was on a business trip in Durham and went for a walk in the evening – 22 finds
  • On August 23rd there was an event down near Hemel Hempstead and I took Ami down for the evening – 4 finds
  • On August 31st we were up at my folks for the Bank Holiday weekend – 1 find

September (94 finds)

  • We were still up at my folks on September 1st – 12 finds
  • On September 5th I was on a busines trip to Warrington – 7 finds
  • On September 11th and 12th I was back in Blackpool – 29 finds
  • On September 14th I found one at the end of setting a load of my own – 1 find
  • On September 20th I grabbed a quickie near home – 1 find
  • On September 26th I was back in Blackpool again – 16 finds
  • On September 28th and 29th I had a hack at the newly released MKBW Turquoise and Violet series (see MKBW Turquoise) – 28 finds

October (152 finds)

  • On October 4th there was an event down at Edlesborough – 1 find
  • On October 6th I had to fix a couple of my own up near Weston Underwood and grabbed a couple on the way – 2 finds
  • On October 12th I had a hack at some more of the MKBW Violet series (see MKBW Violet) – 30 finds
  • On October 20th I grabbed a couple whilst finishing off the setting of some of my own (see MKBW Blue) – 2 finds
  • On October 23rd I was in flippin’ Blackpool again and attended a local event- 2 finds
  • On October 27th I attended my first ever mega event (see Halloween Hides and Creepy Caches 2012) – 60 finds
  • On October 28th I hadn’t had enough, so I went out again (see Bletsoe Bombing Run) – 45 finds
  • On October 31st we were up at my folks in Measham – 10 finds

November (44 finds)

  • On November 3rd we were still up at my folks in Measham – 3 finds
  • On November 11th I made a single find in the middle of the day – 1 find
  • On November 14th I hosted an event in Stony Stratford – 1 find
  • On November 18th I did a random bunch of caches in Milton Keynes with Izzy whilst maintaining a few of my own (see Around and About) – 6 finds
  • On November 21st I was back in Blackppol again – it wasn’t a great night (see Not the Best Night Ever) – 10 finds
  • On November 23rd I made an attempt on both 1,000 finds for the year, and 2,000 finds in total (see Grand, Double Grand) – 23 finds

December (94 finds)

  • On December 5th I took a day off work during some snow – I went up to Ashridge and didn’t enjoy it, so I came back home and did a short series there – 10 finds
  • On December 6th I was still off work and decided to go caching again, this time on a long walking series round a part of the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk (see Trees, Golf and Mud) – 44 finds
  • On December 10th, oh come on, please let it be the last trip of the year to Blackpool – 11 finds
  • On December 12th there was an event down in Aylesbury – 3 finds
  • On December 15th I started a fairly poor series in north MK with BingBongLong – 7 finds
  • On December 16th I did a random one owned by BingBongLong – 1 find
  • On December 21st, for some reason I went and finished the rubbish series – 6 finds
  • On December 24th and 25th we were up in the north-east for Christmas – 6 finds
  • On December 30th and 31st I went out locally to grab a few final ones for the year (see Filling a Gap) – 6 finds