My third year of caching, and the possibility of hitting a couple of milestones. So as ever on these posts, let’s start by posting a pictorial representation of the year.

Days Found

My matrix at the end of 2012 looks like this.

End of Year Summary – Increased from 184 to 235 different days, so 51 new days, including (for the first time) a February 29th.

Days Placed

This one is all about filling in dates in the year when caches were placed rather than when I found them. At the end of 2012 my matrix looked like this.

End of Year Summary – Increased from 268 to 340 days. This one seems to be remarkably easy to fill up. Another 72 days done this year.

Months Placed

The matrix of months since caching started. Now this one is a bit tricky to complete because it requires finding some quite old caches. There aren’t so many of them around and it takes careful choice. However, as I discovered recently, if you go for older caches you tend to find bigger boxes and more spectacular locations, on average. My status at the end of 2012 was like this.

28 months acquired over a period of 12 months.


Caches are rated 1-5 for difficulty and 1-5 for terrain, with half points awarded, so that makes a matrix of 9×9. This looks quite tricky to complete.

Here is the snapshot of my efforts at the end of 2012.

End of Year Summary – Risen to 54 out of 81 – an increase of 11. Quite a productive year then, given that this challenge gets harder and harder as you have to find caches matching the D/T combinations that your actually willing to have a pop at.

UK and Ireland Counties

And finally the counties map.

I had absolutely no expectation of being able to finish this off as it requires traveling to the furthest extents of the UK to finish.

Here is my snapshot of this matrix at the end of 2012.

End of Year Summary – 23 counties completed in total, and 4 new ones acquired during the year.

New Countries

We went to Portugal for a running event in the spring.


So what did I actually do on the caching front in 2012 then ?

January (53 finds)

  • On January 5th I dashed out at lunchtime for a quick find – 1 find
  • On January 14th I went to fetch a nearby cache in MK – 1 find
  • On January 21st I went for a couple of long walks around the countryside to the south of Leighton Buzzard – 32 finds
  • On January 31st I was on a business trip to Blackpool and had plenty of time to go caching in the evening – 19 finds

February (99 finds)

  • On February 4th I drove out to the far side of Buckingham for a few – 9 finds
  • On February 7th I was on a business trip to Blackpool and felt obliged to go out caching again – 12 finds
  • On February 11th I had a record-setting day up near Peterborough (see Peterborough Splurge) – 63 finds
  • On February 21st I collected a local puzzle that had been bugging local cachers for 9 months – 1 find
  • On February 27th I went out in the evening to grab a couple of caches – 2 finds
  • On February 29th I left work ealy to attack a new local series and then attend an event – 12 finds

March (51 finds)

  • On March 6th I headed down towards Mursley after work – 6 finds
  • On March 9th I went out at lunchtime to grab a local puzzle – 1 find
  • On March 10th I drove to the top of Northampton for what turned out to be quite a frustrating day – 15 finds
  • On March 12th and 13th I grabbed individual caches on workdays – 2 find
  • On March 14th I had a longer drive around at lunchtime followed by an evening event – 6 finds
  • On March 15th and 17th I grabbed individual caches on workdays – 2 find
  • On March 23rd to 25th we were in Lisbon over the weekend and collected a few (see Lisbon Half Marathon) – 13 finds
  • On March 29th I went out at lunchtime – 3 finds
  • On March 31st I visited Stowe for planning my own caches and grabbed a few on the way by – 3 finds

April (66 finds)

May (97 finds)

  • On May 3rd I went out at lunchtime and somehow scraped an FTF – 1 find
  • On May 5th we were up in the north-east fopr the Bank Holiday weekend and went for a drive – 15 finds
  • On May 6th we were still up north and I found a few more – 2 finds
  • On May 7th we grabbed a couple more on our way home – 2 finds
  • On May 9th and 10th I was in Blackpool and grabbed a load over the course of the two days – 17 finds
  • On May 12th there was a new series up near Newport Pagnell – 16 finds
  • On May 13th I found a couple close to home – 2 finds
  • On May 16th I was in Blackpool again, with similar results to last time – 16 finds
  • On May 21st I found 4 near home at varying parts of the day – 4 finds
  • On May 22nd I was getting sick of going to Blackpool but thankfully not getting sick of going caching there – 20 finds
  • On May 27th we were down The Smoke while Kas did a run – I looked after the kids – 2 finds

June (96 finds)

  • On June 3rd I went up into the Cachemuda Triangle with Wavvy for a bit of a biggy (see Alconbury and Buckworth)- 56 finds
  • On June 6th and 7th I was back in Blackpool again – I used to go there quite a lot – 18 finds
  • On June 9th and 10th we were up at my folks over the weekend – 6 finds
  • On June 14th and 16th I went out in the evening to hoover up some local ones – 12 finds
  • On June 23rd I was in Pune on a business trip and snaffled a couple before flying to Chennai via Hyderabad in the evening – 2 finds
  • I was back home on June 30th and found one close to home and another out in the sticks – 2 finds

July (63 finds)

  • On July 3rd and 4th guess where I was ? It begins with a “Black” and ends with a “pool”, although to be honest, on most of these trips, it ended with a headache – 19 finds
  • On July 6th I was back home and did a single cache in the eveniong that needed some special equipment (water) – 1 find
  • On July 17th I was back there again (groan!) – 15 finds
  • On July 22nd it was the first ever Geolympix – Wavvy volunteered to drive for an attempt at the 11 in 11 challenge (see Geolympix 2012) – 22 finds
  • On July 23rd I ventured out for an hour near home – 4 finds
  • On July 29th we were at my folks and I had to go fetch Kas back from a 24 hour running event in Burton upon Trent – 2 finds

August (182 finds)

  • On August 4th I began the substantial Geolympix Marathon series on my way down to the airport (see Geolympix Marathon) – 44 finds
  • On August 10th I returned home from India and hacked round the rest of the Marathon (see Geolympix Marathon) – 66 finds
  • On August 11th the girls were all still away so I went caching again (see Midshires Meander) – 37 finds
  • On August 12th I was off setting a bunch of my own (see MKBW Magenta) and found a couple on the way – 2 finds
  • On August 18th we “coloured in” Norfolk with a trip over for an event on the beach – 5 finds
  • On August 19th there was a new one close to home – 1 find
  • On August 21st I was on a business trip in Durham and went for a walk in the evening – 22 finds
  • On August 23rd there was an event down near Hemel Hempstead and I took Ami down for the evening – 4 finds
  • On August 31st we were up at my folks for the Bank Holiday weekend – 1 find

September (94 finds)

  • We were still up at my folks on September 1st – 12 finds
  • On September 5th I was on a busines trip to Warrington – 7 finds
  • On September 11th and 12th I was back in Blackpool – 29 finds
  • On September 14th I found one at the end of setting a load of my own – 1 find
  • On September 20th I grabbed a quickie near home – 1 find
  • On September 26th I was back in Blackpool again – 16 finds
  • On September 28th and 29th I had a hack at the newly released MKBW Turquoise and Violet series (see MKBW Turquoise)- 28 finds

October (152 finds)

  • On October 4th there was an event down at Edlesborough – 1 find
  • On October 6th I had to fix a couple of my own up near Weston Underwood and grabbed a couple on the way – 2 finds
  • On October 12th I had a hack at some more of the MKBW Violet series (see MKBW Violet)- 30 finds
  • On October 20th I grabbed a couple whilst finishing off the setting of some of my own (see MKBW Blue)- 2 finds
  • On October 23rd I was in flippin’ Blackpool again and attended a local event- 2 finds
  • On October 27th I attended my first ever mega event (see Halloween Hides and Creepy Caches 2012)- 60 finds
  • On October 28th I hadn’t had enough, so I went out again (see Bletsoe Bombing Run) – 45 finds
  • On October 31st we were up at my folks in Measham – 10 finds

November (44 finds)

  • On November 3rd we were still up at my folks in Measham – 3 finds
  • On November 11th I made a single find in the middle of the day – 1 find
  • On November 14th I hosted an event in Stony Stratford – 1 find
  • On November 18th I did a random bunch of caches in Milton Keynes with Izzy whilst maintaining a few of my own (see Around and About)- 6 finds
  • On November 21st I was back in Blackppol again – it wasn’t a great night (see Not the Best Night Ever) – 10 finds
  • On November 23rd I made an attempt on both 1,000 finds for the year, and 2,000 finds in total (see Grand, Double Grand) – 23 finds

December (94 finds)

  • On December 5th I took a day off work during some snow – I went up to Ashridge and didn’t enjoy it, so I came back home and did a short series there – 10 finds
  • On December 6th I was still off work and decided to go caching again, this time on a long walking series round a part of the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk (see Trees, Golf and Mud)- 44 finds
  • On December 10th, oh come on, please let it be the last trip of the year to Blackpool – 11 finds
  • On December 12th there was an event down in Aylesbury – 3 finds
  • On December 15th I started a fairly poor series in north MK with BingBongLong – 7 finds
  • On December 16th I did a random one owned by BingBongLong – 1 find
  • On December 21st, for some reason I went and finished the rubbish series – 6 finds
  • On December 24th and 25th we were up in the north-east for Christmas – 6 finds
  • On December 30th and 31st I went out locally to grab a few final ones for the year (see Filling a Gap) – 6 finds