2016 didn’t really have any plan. It turned out that I had a bit of a problem with my caching mojo, as well as being quite busy with work, and therefore more interested in spending the weekends with Kas and the girls. What I did do though, I greatly enjoyed, and in some ways having a year where I went out less often, but enjoyed it more, was probably a good thing to do, consciously or otherwise.

2016 had the lowest number of finds in the year that I’d had since 2012, but it had a number of fantastic individual days and involved some fairly epic locations for finds.

January (131 finds)

  • January got off to a decent start on the first day with a walk along the MKBW Yellow series (see Say Yellow, Wave Goodbye) – 28 finds
  • On January 10th I followed this up by walking along the Blue and Magenta sections (see Bye Bye Magenta and Blue) – 42 finds
  • January 17th saw me walking round another part of the Hatley Heart Attack (see Another Heart Attack) – 38 finds
  • On January 19th I popped out to a local event down in Wiltshire while I was in the area for work – 3 finds
  • I finished the month on January 31st by walking around the woods to complete Charlie’s Sixth Loop (see Charlie’s Sixth Loop) – 20 finds

February (172 finds)

  • On February 6th I walked my way around another chunk of the Hatley Heart Attack series (see Hacking Around Hatley) – 68 finds
  • February 16th saw me in Melksham again for another local caching event – 6 finds
  • On February 20th I still hand’t finished the Hatley Heart Attack, so I went to do a few more (see Will This Heart Attack Ever End) – 79 finds
  • On February 28th I had a bit of a depressing day near Castle Donington (see Around Castle Donington) – 17 finds
  • On February 29th I found myself with a bit more time on my hands, as the monster project I’d been working on in the south-west got canned. I was therefore able to attend a couple of local Leap Day events – 2 finds

March (114 finds)

April (128 finds)

May (122 finds)

  • On May 5th I grabbed a couple of quickies whilst on a business trip to the south-west – 2 finds
  • On May 11th I attended a BBH event down near Hemel Hempstead – 2 finds
  • On May 14th I went for a bit of a spree over towards the south side of Cambridge (see Meldreth Madness) – 96 finds
  • On May 21st I grabbed a handful of caches on Hampstead Heath while we were in London for a running event – 6 finds
  • On May 28th I went for a Saturday afternoon walk on the riverfront in Liverpool during our annual pilgrimmage for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – 13 finds
  • On May 30th we’d moved up to the Lake District for a week’s holiday and grabbed a couple on the way up to Keswick (see The Drive Up) – 2 finds
  • On May 31st we walked up Skiddaw and there was a cache on the top (see Climbing Skiddaw) – 1 find

June (53 finds)

  • On June 1st we were still in the Lake District and had a day out at Ullswater, but not before I’d popped up to Castlerigg Stone Circle for a couple of caches in the morning (see Ullswater) – 4 finds
  • On June 2nd I grabbed a single cache while we were walking along the side of Derwent Water ( see Happy Birthday ) – 1 find
  • On June 3rd we did a handful of caches while we were climbing up Cat Bells (see Cat Bells) – 8 finds
  • On June 19th I had an ultimately quite disappointing trip up to Thrapston (see Thrapston Crapston) – 40 finds

July (144 finds)

  • On July 8th I went to Silverstone for a bit of Formula 1 and grabbed a YOSM while I was there (see Silverstone) – 1 find
  • On July 12th there was a “Roundabout MK” event – 1 find
  • On July 16th I was at the GeoNord event in Valenciennes with Izzy, Carolynn and Alibags (see Going Mega in France) – 27 finds plus 10 lab caches
  • On July 17th we were still in France and attended the closing event before driving up to Coudekerque for a walking series there (see Going Mega in France) – 31 finds
  • On July 29th it was Geolympix weekend and I took the Friday off to do a few of the caches near the site (see Geolympix 2016) – 24 finds
  • On July 31st it was Geolympix day, so the girls and me went down to Ashridge for a bit of cache-based wandering (see Geolympix 2016) – 40 finds plus 10 lab caches

August (255 finds)

  • On August 4th Ami and me started an epic weekend of caching for the UK Mega in Llangollen. On this Thursday we spent the day in Cheshire walking a very long way ( see Llangollen Mega ) – 101 finds
  • On August 5th Ami and me spent the day hacking around North Wales with the Happy Hunter as we completed a series of puzzles that had been set for the UK Mega. After this we attended a GPS Maze event (oooh!), did 10 lab caches, and went for a walk along the Llangollen Canal for a few more (see Llangollen Mega) – 61 finds plus 10 lab caches
  • August 6th was UK Mega Event day. We had a relatively lightweight day in the village and did the lab caches at the event (see Llangollen Mega) – 6 finds plus 10 lab caches
  • On August 12th we began our holiday to Chamonix by driving down to Reims (see From Home to Reims) – 4 finds
  • On August 13th we did a lot of driving before finally reaching Chamonix (see Run to the Hills) – 2 finds
  • On August 14th we went up a very big hill (see Aiguille du Midi) – 2 finds
  • On August 15th we spent the day studying geography – mainly the bits about glaciers and mountains ( see Ups and Downs ) – 6 finds
  • On August 16th it all went a bit free-form but ended up being quite good (see Not Quite to Plan) – 3 finds
  • On August 17th we made ourselves eligible for any challenge cache that requires three countries in a day (see Three Countries) – 9 finds
  • On August 18th the weather was a bit depressing so we stayed in Chamonix town (see Chamonix Town) – 2 finds
  • On August 19th we had a fairly quiet day exploring a high alpine valley in the sunshine (see Reserved Nature) – 1 finds
  • On August 20th we began our trip home, and punctuated it with a stopover in Dijon (see Cutting the Mustard) – 6 finds
  • On August 21st we drove from Dijon back home, stopping in a couple of service stations to eat and grab a cache on the way (see Cutting the Mustard) – 2 finds

September (71 finds)

  • On September 3rd we were in Cumbria for Kas to do a ridiculously long run. I grabbed a few caches while following her around the mountains ( see Grand Tour of Skiddaw ) – 7 finds
  • On September 18th I went over to Poundon for a bit of a dash around (see Poundon Around) – 64 finds

October (114 finds)

  • On October 16th I went over to Wrestlingworth to do a couple of fairly short series (see Finbarr Saunders) – 54 finds
  • On October 23rd I was checking through my list of challenge caches signed but not eligible, and I discovered one I was now eligible for (High – On Tour Challenge 7) – 1 find
  • On October 30th I took Izzy over to the west of Milton Keynes, where we completed a couple of local series, including one that involved a very dodgy filed full of cows (see Finbarr Saunders) – 59 finds

November (17 finds)

  • On November 3rd I grabbed a few random caches whilst on a business trip to Solihull – 3 finds
  • On November 12th and 13th I made a few local finds in Milton Keynes – 3 finds
  • Over the weekend of November 18th – 21st I went on a lads weekend away in Wales and found a few caches while we were there (see Welsh Weekend) – 11 finds

December (66 finds)

  • On December 4th I made my final “epic” trip out for the year over near Keyston. Ami came with me (see Keyston Kaper) – 56 finds
  • My final caching trip of the year was a fairly disappointing jaunt around Milton Keynes which reminded me of why I don’t really like urban caching – 10 finds