2016 didn’t really have any plan. It turned out that I had a bit of a problem with my caching mojo, as well as being quite busy with work, and therefore more interested in spending the weekends with Kas and the girls. What I did do though, I greatly enjoyed, and in some ways having a year where I went out less often, but enjoyed it more, was probably a good thing to do, consciously or otherwise.

2016 had the lowest number of finds in the year that I’d had since 2012, but it had a number of fantastic individual days and involved some fairly epic locations for finds.

As ever with these posts there’s a list of individual caching days towards the bottom, but we start off with a bit of stat-action.

There seems little point in showing the whole “Days Found” matrix, because it was already filled up at the start of the year, but for the sake of interest here’s the picture of days I found caches during 2016 itself. You can see that I really didn’t go out caching very often.

2016 Only FindsEachDay.jpg

So, it’s worth showing the year’s “Days Placed” matrix too. Apparently it’s much easier to get a good spread of these.

2016 Only FindsByPlacedDateChallenge.jpg

And what about the “Months Placed” ?

2016 Only JasmerChallenge.jpg 2016 End JasmerChallenge.jpg

Oh ! Go on then ! While we’re at it I might as well track my Difficulty/Terrain Matrix here too.

2016 Only DifficultyMatrix.jpg 2016 End DifficultyMatrix.jpg

My list of counties cached in did move forwards a bit as a result of an autumn trip to South Wales, but the UK map does sort of highlight how little I actually went out caching.

2016 Only UKIrelandCountyMap.jpg 2016 End UKIrelandCountyMap.jpg

And finally, before we get into the gory detail, here’s a bit of Michael Fish, pointing at where I’ve actually been caching during the year.

2016 Only Heat Map.jpg 2016 End Heat Map.jpg

January (131 finds)

  • January got off to a decent start on the first day with a walk along the MKBW Yellow series ( see Say Yellow, Wave Goodbye ) – 28 finds
  • On January 10th I followed this up by walking along the Blue and Magenta sections ( see Bye Bye Magenta and Blue )- 42 finds
  • January 17th saw me walking round another part of the Hatley Heart Attack ( see Another Heart Attack ) – 38 finds
  • On January 19th I popped out to a local event down in Wiltshire while I was in the area for work – 3 finds
  • I finished the month on January 31st by walking around the woods to complete Charlie’s Sixth Loop ( ( see Charlie’s Sixth Loop ) – 20 finds

February (172 finds)


  • On February 6th I walked my way around another chunk of the Hatley Heart Attack series ( see Hacking Around Hatley ) – 68 finds
  • February 16th saw me in Melksham again for another local caching event – 6 finds
  • On February 20th I still hand’t finished the Hatley Heart Attack, so I went to do a few more ( see Will This Heart Attack Ever End ) – 79 finds
  • On February 28th I had a bit of a depressing day near Castle Donington ( see Around Castle Donington ) – 17 finds
  • On February 29th I found myself with a bit more time on my hands, as the monster project I’d been working on in the south-west got canned. I was therefore able to attend a couple of local Leap Day events – 2 finds

March (114 finds)

April (128 finds)

May (122 finds)


  • On May 5th I grabbed a couple of quickies whilst on a business trip to the south-west – 2 finds
  • On May 11th I attended a BBH event down near Hemel Hempstead – 2 finds
  • On May 14 I went for a bit of a spree over towards the south side of Cambridge ( see Meldreth Madness ) – 96 finds
  • On May 21st I grabbed a handful of caches on Hampstead Heath while we were in London for a running event – 6 finds
  • On May 28th I went for a Saturday afternoon walk on the riverfront in Liverpool during our annual pilgrimmage for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – 13 finds
  • On May 30th we’d moved up to the Lake District for a week’s holiday and grabbed a couple on the way up to Keswick ( see The Drive Up ) – 2 finds
  • On May 31st we walked up Skiddaw and there was a cache on the top ( see Climbing Skiddaw ) – 1 find

June (53 finds)

  • On June 1st we were still in the Lake District and had a day out at Ullswater, but not before I’d popped up to Castlerigg Stone Circle for a couple of caches in the morning ( see Ullswater ) – 4 finds
  • On June 2nd I grabbed a single cache while we were walking along the side of Derwent Water ( see Happy Birthday ) – 1 find
  • On June 3rd we did a handful of caches while we were climbing up Cat Bells ( see Cat Bells ) – 8 finds
  • On June 19th I had an ultimately quite disappointing trip up to Thrapston ( see Thrapston Crapston ) – 40 finds

July (144 finds)


  • On July 8th I went to Silverstone for a bit of Formula 1 and grabbed a YOSM while I was there ( see Silverstone ) – 1 find
  • On July 12th there was a “Roundabout MK” event – 1 find
  • On July 16th I was at the GeoNord event in Valenciennes with Izzy, Carolynn and Alibags ( see Going Mega in France ) – 27 finds plus 10 lab caches
  • On July 17th we were still in France and attended the closing event before driving up to Coudekerque for a walking series there ( see Going Mega in France ) – 31 finds
  • On July 29th it was Geolympix weekend and I took the Friday off to do a few of the caches near the site ( see Geolympix 2016 ) – 24 finds
  • On July 31st it was Geolympix day, so the girls and me went down to Ashridge for a bit of cache-based wandering ( see Geolympix 2016 ) – 40 finds plus 10 lab caches

August (255 finds)

  • On August 4th Ami and me started an epic weekend of caching for the UK Mega in Llangollen. On this Thursday we spent the day in Cheshire walking a very long way ( see Llangollen Mega ) – 101 finds
  • On August 5th Ami and me spent the day hacking around North Wales with the Happy Hunter as we completed a series of puzzles that had been set for the UK Mega. After this we attended a GPS Maze event (oooh!), did 10 lab caches, and went for a walk along the Llangollen Canal for a few more ( see Llangollen Mega ) – 61 finds plus 10 lab caches
  • August 6th was UK Mega Event day. We had a relatively lightweight day in the village and did the lab caches at the event ( see Llangollen Mega ) – 6 finds plus 10 lab caches
  • Chamonix Day 8-49.JPG
  • On August 12th we began our holiday to Chamonix by driving down to Reims ( see From Home to Reims ) – 4 finds
  • On August 13th we did a lot of driving before finally reaching Chamonix ( see Run to the Hills ) – 2 finds
  • On August 14th we went up a very big hill ( see Aiguille du Midi )- 2 finds
  • On August 15th we spent the day studying geography – mainly the bits about glaciers and mountains ( see Ups and Downs ) – 6 finds
  • On August 16th it all went a bit free-form but ended up being quite good ( see Not Quite to Plan ) – 3 finds
  • On August 17th we made ourselves eligible for any challenge cache that requires three countries in a day ( see Three Countries ) – 9 finds
  • On August 18th the weather was a bit depressing so we stayed in Chamonix town ( see Chamonix Town ) – 2 finds
  • On August 19th we had a fairly quiet day exploring a high alpine valley in the sunshine ( see Reserved Nature ) – 1 finds
  • On August 20th we began our trip home, and punctuated it with a stopover in Dijon ( see Cutting the Mustard ) – 6 finds
  • On August 21st we drove from Dijon back home, stopping in a couple of service stations to eat and grab a cache on the way ( see Cutting the Mustard ) – 2 finds

September (71 finds)

  • On September 3rd we were in Cumbria for Kas to do a ridiculously long run. I grabbed a few caches while following her around the mountains ( see Grand Tour of Skiddaw ) – 7 finds
  • On September 18th I went over to Poundon for a bit of a dash around ( see Poundon Around ) – 64 finds

October (114 finds)

  • On October 16th I went over to Wrestlingworth to do a couple of fairly short series ( see Finbarr Saunders ) – 54 finds
  • On October 23rd I was checking through my list of challenge caches signed but not eligible, and I discovered one I was now eligible for ( High – On Tour Challenge 7 ) – 1 find
  • On October 30th I took Izzy over to the west of Milton Keynes, where we completed a couple of local series, including one that involved a very dodgy filed full of cows ( see Finbarr Saunders ) – 59 finds

November (17 finds)


  • On November 3rd I grabbed a few random caches whilst on a business trip to Solihull – 3 finds
  • On November 12th and 13th I made a few local finds in Milton Keynes – 3 finds
  • Over the weekend of November 18th – 21st I went on a lads weekend away in Wales and found a few caches while we were there ( see Welsh Weekend ) – 11 finds

December (66 finds)

  • On December 4th I made my final “epic” trip out for the year over near Keyston. Ami came with me ( see Keyston Kaper ) – 56 finds
  • My final caching trip of the year was a fairly disappointing jaunt around Milton Keynes which reminded me of why I don’t really like urban caching – 10 finds

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