At the turn of the year I was party to several facebook discussions on the subject of what targets people were setting for their caching during 2017. I generally don’t make plans, because I tend to cache opportunistically and have learned to be driven by whims rather than plans, but the discussion got me thinking.

Instead of making formal plans I’ve decided this year to just try to pick away at a number of different objectives, continuing last year’s theme of just enjoying my caching. There’s a number of things I’d like to work on, these being:

  • Get my total finds up towards 10,000;
  • Finish off some more English counties, and maybe the remaining Welsh ones if schedules allow;
  • Colour in a few more slots on the Difficulty/Terrain Matrix;
  • Attend one or maybe two overseas mega events, especially the GeoNord 2017 – Oxygen event in June;
  • Attend the UK Mega in Devon (Devon UK Mega 2017), if holiday schedules allow.

Let’s see how it goes, huh!

January (66 finds)

  • On Jan 1st we walked around Lodge Lake in Milton Keynes to find a couple – 2 finds
  • On Jan 7th we attended the 14th iteration of the Roundabout MK event series – 1 finds
  • On Jan 22nd I completed most of the Banbury Fringe Circular Caching Walk series (see Banburrrrrry) – 63 finds

February (114 finds)

March (102 finds)

  • On Mar 9th I attended a “Roundabout MK” meeting – 1 find
  • On Mar 22nd I attended a BBH event down near Leighton Buzzard – 1 find
  • On Mar 25th I felt like I was in danger of having my worst caching month ever, so I addressed the problem by finding 100 in a day near Yaxley (see Yakkety Yaxley) – 100 finds

April (463 finds)

By far the most cachiest caching month ever. Of all time.

  • On Apr 1st the girls and me spend a good day in the company of the Happy Hunter attacking the Shrek series in Kent (see Kent Dash) – 56 finds
  • On Apr 7th Ami and me began our epic trip to Belgium (see Jeux Sans Frontieres) – 73 finds
  • On Apr 8th Ami and me attended the Brugse Beer Mega (see Brugse Beer VII) – 44 finds (including 19 lab caches)
  • On Apr 9th Ami and me attended an event beginning with a “Z” then went to a town with a silly name (see Knick Knacky Knokke Heist Knicky Knacky Noo) – 63 finds
  • On Apr 10th Ami and me made our trip home from Bruges via Calais (see Big White Nose) – 47 finds
  • On Apr 11th I was able to complete a find on a challenge cache I’d signed on April 1st – 1 find
  • On Apr 23rd Izzy and me scooted up to Cambridgeshire for a few (see Lutton Lambada) – 64 finds
  • On Apr 25th I grabbed a handful while on a business trip to Munich – 5 finds
  • On Apr 29th I made a solo run down to Kent for the Kent Mega event, which turned into a bit of an epic day (see Oast with the Most) – 110 finds ( including 10 lab caches )

May (2 finds)

From the best month ever to the worst.

  • On May 2nd I picked up a single local cache to gain a souvenir – 1 find
  • On May 31st I attended a Roundabout MK event – 1 find

June (159 finds)

Giving it some proverbial welly again.

  • On June 4th I drove over to Suffolk and Essex to tick off two missing counties (see A Disappointing Achievement) – 32 finds
  • On June 6th I needed to stretch my legs after work and there was a new cache just up the road – 1 find
  • On June 9th-11th I attended this year’s GeoNord mega event in Saint Omer (see Saint Omer) – 123 finds
  • On June 27th someone released a bunch of new puzzle caches in Milton Keynes, I got an FTF on one of them – 2 finds
  • On June 28th I did another one of those – 1 find

July (137 finds)

  • On July 6th I attacked a couple more of the new puzzles in Milton Keynes – 2 finds
  • On July 14th I attacked most of them, but missed 4 because it was too dark (see MK Puzzle Series) – 20 finds
  • On July 15th I went out for a “mega” day near Orwell after doing parkrun and came home with a new PB (see Orwell Orbital) – 114 finds
  • On July 16th we all attended an event in the evening – 1 find

August (158 finds)

  • On August 12th we found a cache on the way home from dinner on the first night of our family holiday – 1 find
  • On August 13th I went for a walk around and found a few, some with the family and some alone – 7 finds
  • On August 14th we had trouble finding any caches at all in Girona – 4 finds
  • On August 15th we found a handful around the “Olympic Zone” in Barcelona – 12 finds
  • On August 17th I had a rather fruitful day near to our holiday home (see Santa Cristina) – 75 finds
  • On August 18th we went to Barcelona again for a bit of Gaudi action – 4 finds
  • On August 21st we went for a look at the monastery at Montserrat – 6 finds
  • On August 22nd I had another afternoon caching on my own in Spain (see Pedralta) – 43 finds
  • On August 24th we went up to the theme park on the Tibidabo mountain near Barcelona – 2 finds
  • On August 25th I walked up the hill behind our holiday home to make one more find in town before we left – 1 find
  • On August 26th we grabbed a few final caches in the middle of Barcelona before coming home – 3 finds

September (85 finds)

  • On September 17th I walked around a couple of new series near to home (see AAA Geocaching) – 43 finds
  • On September 30th I went over to the south side of Northampton for a new series (see Camo Capers) – 42 finds

October (129 finds)

  • On October 5th I finished off the puzzle series in MK that I’d started back in July – 5 finds
  • On October 7th I scooted over to Souldrop for a series there (see Souldrop Caching) – 46 finds
  • On October 11th we attended the “Puzzle Club” event in a well known coffee shop – 1 find
  • On October 21st I headed in the general direction of Royston while the girls were away up north (see Barkway and Reed) – 66 finds
  • On October 22nd I made one local find whilst setting a load of my Flags series – 1 find
  • On October 27th I went to London with the kids to give Kas a day of peace and quiet at home – 10 finds

November (67 finds)

  • On November 5th I headed west (slightly) to complete a couple of nearby series (see Hillesden Caching) – 38 finds
  • On November 9th there was a “Roundabout MK” event – 1 find
  • On November 12th I did a quick dash around southeastern MK with Izzy – 11 finds
  • On November 18th it was lad’s weekend away and we ended up in Whitby after a long day of walking – 1 find
  • On November 19th we went for a walk at Robin Hood’s Bay – 10 finds
  • On November 20th I made a quick pre-breakfast dash around the village in North Yorkshire we’d been staying in – 6 finds

December (73 finds)

  • On December 3rd I headed over to Knapwell for the majority of my finds in the month (see Knapwell Knick Knack) – 53 finds
  • On December 23rd we were up at Kas’s mum’s for Christmas and I grabbed a few new ones in Whitburn – 3 finds
  • On December 29th Kas wanted a long run so we met her at Rosliston for what turned out to be a very muddy afternoon – 16 finds
  • On December 31st Pesh organised a breakfast event at the Peace Pagoda – 1 find


So what did I manage to achieve over the course of the year ? A few things, but maybe not that impressive a list :

  • A new record for most finds in a single calendar month – 463 in April
  • 3 mega events, of which 2 were overseas
  • A bunch of new entries filled in on the D/T matrix
  • A visit to the English counties of Essex and Suffolk (at last)
  • 1507 total finds – not my best year, but not the worst either
  • A visit to Catalonia to colour in 2 new provinces in Spain (or 2 or the 4 provinces in Catalonia, depending on how you feel about Catalonian independence)
  • I attended my 100th event cache, counting all types such as regular events, megas, gigas and CITOs

So not a bad year, overall.