The beginning of the year promised much entertainment, with us already having planned trips to Tokyo, Paris and Italy at various points, however, in discussion with the girls, I have a single objective for the year. That is to find 2018 or more caches in the calendar year of 2018.

You would think that was possible, despite being considerably above any other year so far, but let’s see how it goes.

January (88 finds)

  • On January 1st we grabbed a single cache on the way home from double parkrun just so I could get the souvenir – 1 find
  • On January 14th I made the majority of finds for the month up near The Giddings – 71 finds
  • On January 18th I attended a “Roundabout MK” event – 1 find
  • On January 28th we had a near-death experience on the hills above Brighton – 14 finds
  • On January 29th we slipped in a single cache whilst visiting Brighton – 1 find

February (36 finds)

  • February was a very slow caching month, with my only finds being over the period of the Tokyo marathon weekend trip with Kas from Feb 23rd to Feb 26th – 36 finds

March (434 finds)

  • On March 10th I got off to a decent start with a trip over to the Bourn Bonanza series – 56 finds
  • On March 22nd I attended a “Roundabout MK” event that I’d organised myself – 1 find
  • On March 24th I scooted over to Hertfordshire to do the Sandon Sloth series with Izzy – 40 finds
  • March 28th was Day 1 of our epic journey to try to complete the MTVO series just north of Paris (see Frouville) – 120 finds
  • March 29th was Day 2 of our MTVO quest (see Livilliers) – 128 finds
  • March 30th was our third day in France and we took a day off the monster caching for A Day Off in Paris – 15 finds
  • March 31st was our fourth day in France attacing the MTVO series again after doing a French parkrun in the morning (see Hérouville) – 74 finds

April (nnn finds)

  • April 1st was our fifth day in France attacking the MTVO series, and we attacked it pretty hard (see Jouy-le-Comte) – 151 finds
  • April 2nd was our sixth day in France and we managed to finish off the MTVO series (see Valmondois) – 134 finds
  • April 3rd was our seventh and final day in France, and we spent it trynig to visit as many different French Departments as we could manage (see Colouring In) – 11 finds

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