As another year ends it’s time to write my 2020 Caching Diary. I didn’t really plan anything for this year, and due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control, opportunities were rather limited. It (again) proved to be my slowest year ever with the exception of the very first (see 2010 Caching Diary).

I enjoyed the caches that I found and the days out that I had, so maybe the slow year wasn’t all bad. I returned a little bit to thinking about why I enjoy caching in the first place. So, no targets, no ambitions, no regrets. Just a bit of caching when the mood took me, and when we were allowed to go out.

January (11 finds)

  • 1st January – the New Year “Pastries at the Pagoda” event – 1 find
  • 14th January – A “Pause for Art” event- 1 find
  • 18th January – A “Roundabout MK” event – 1 find
  • 19th January – A random new cache near Sainsbury’s – 1 find
  • 26th January – A trip up to the north of MK for an Adventure Labs series and a couple of others – 7 finds

February (76 finds)

  • 1st February – A trip to Guilden Morden that I didn’t write anything about – 61 finds
  • 29th February – A “mad” day attending 11 different events (see Leap Day Madness) – 15 finds

March (90 finds)

  • 8th March – A big series done in the company of the Happy Hunter (see Heal the World) – 90 finds

April, May, June, July (0 finds)

  • Well, there was a global pandemic in progress

August (67 finds)

  • 23rd August – A trip to Oceania and Asia for some “flags of All Nations (see Oceania and Asia) – 42 finds
  • 26th August – A few more of the Flags of All Nations – 25 finds

September (236 finds)

  • 6th September – Hitting on the Minions (see Minions Part 1) – 91 finds
  • 11th September – More Flags of All Nations – 27 finds
  • 12th September – And yet more Flags of All Nations – 26 finds
  • 20th September – Finishing off the Minions (see Minions Part 2) – 90 finds
  • 27th September – A couple more random Flags – 2 finds

October, November (No finds)

  • More pandemic-related lockdowns and lack of enthusiasm

December (58 finds)

  • 20th December – A few Flags of All Nations and a couple in Stony Stratford – 26 finds
  • 27th December – A wander round the top end of Milton Keynes, for an Adventure Lab and a few others – 15 finds
  • 30th December – In Central MK for a couple of Labs and a few others – 17 finds


So there we have it, the end of my 2020 Caching Diary. A year of very little caching. Not being able to go out for six of the twelve months had some effect. What can you do?