What’s this one all about then ?

Well each cache has a difficulty rating and a terrain rating. So the idea is to fill in as many different combinations as possible.

This one is tricky to do and generally you have to make special trips for specific caches, which is something I haven’t been doing in the previous years, so any achievement here is a bonus.

You can tell that I’ve not gone much for high terrain ratings, and on analysis of local UK caches with high terrain ratings I have determined that I need to learn how to canoe or to climb trees with ropes. Or both. Or get myself a fire engine so I can cross water or climb trees with a ladder.

2010 Only DifficultyMatrix.jpg

2011 End DifficultyMatrix.jpg

2012 End DifficultyMatrix.jpg

2013 End DifficultyMatrix.jpg

2014 End DifficultyMatrix.jpg

2015 End DifficultyMatrix.jpg

2016 End DifficultyMatrix.jpg

And just for good measure, here’s my current chart, showing a few new entries this year achieved on a particularly fruitful day in Kent (see Oast with the Most).

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