This matrix is all about finding caches that were placed in every month since caching started.

So this one involves tracking down some old caches. New ones are easy to find. Old ones are somewhat like the proverbial rocking-horse doo-doos. In fact, there are several months on this chart that are now only available in North America.

Here’s my progress. I haven’t really ever gone out of my way to fill this in until 2014, where a few deliberate moves were made – if you include sitting on a bus down to Munich and back as a deliberate move.

Will I ever finish this one ? Seems unlikely.

2010 Only JasmerChallenge.jpg

2011 End JasmerChallenge.jpg

2012 End JasmerChallenge.jpg

2013 End JasmerChallenge.jpg

2014 End JasmerChallenge.jpg

2015 End JasmerChallenge.jpg

2016 End JasmerChallenge.jpg

And here’s my current chart :

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