Late in 2007 sadexploration added a new cache at a church in Earlswood and started a bit of series.

There are now over 10000 Church Micros around the country.

These celebrate a cultural history that touches pretty much every community in the UK, and has lead me to a few lovely little churches that I might otherwise have missed.

It’s a great idea, and I’ve now placed a few of my own, photos of which are interspersed below with the photos of the ones I’ve found.

You can find out a lot more about them, including stats on who’s found how many, at the Church Micros Stats Page.

So far I’ve found these ones :

While we’re on the subject, I have placed a few too:

CM3480 Herts Cheddington.jpg CM2676 MK St Peters.jpg CM3006 Beds Wilshamstead.jpg CM1323 Norfolk Ringstead.jpg CM2599 Leics Breedon-on-the-Hill.JPG CM2570 Cambs Shepreth.JPG CM0651 Herts Willian All Saints.jpg CM2253 Herts Norton.JPG CM3620 Cambs Wendy All Saints.jpg CM2372 Kent West Kingsdown St Edmunds.JPG CM0104 Kent West Kingsdown St Bernadette.JPG CM3701 Kent Woodlands.JPG CM2050 Cambs Elsworth.JPG CM3958 Bucks Aylesbury St Mary the Virgin.JPG CM0905 Cambs Tadlow.JPG CM6498 Beds Moggerhanger.JPG CM1043 Beds Westlingworth.JPG CM4750 Kent Canterbury Cathedral.JPG CM3740 Cambs Barham.JPG CM6317 Cambs Leighton Bromsword Wesleyan.JPG CM1737 Cambs Leighton Browswold.JPG CM2194 Cambs Brington.JPG CM3117 Cambs Old Weston.JPG CM2238 Cambs Bythorn.JPG CM2320 Cambs Molesworth.JPG CM7659 Beds Woburn Sands St Marys.JPG CM7657 Beds Woburn Sands Methodist.JPG CM5282 Berks Greenham.jpg CM6345 Hants Ashford Hill.JPG CM6255 Berks Shaw.JPG CM6331 Manchester St Anns.JPG CM4632 Cambs Little Gidding.JPG CM4693 Cambs Steeple Gidding.jpg CM2997 Beds Clophill New St Mary.JPG CM3397 Beds Clophill Old St Mary.JPG CM8430 Bucks Bletchley Queensway Methodist.jpg CM6361 Hants Cliddesdon.JPG CM4288 Northants Cosgrove.JPG CM4879 Hants Hartley Whitney.JPG CM6330 West Sussex Brighton St Nicholas.jpg CM3311 West Sussex Hove Methodist.jpg CM3331 West Sussex Hove Central United Reform.JPG CM3330 West Sussex Hove Holy Trinity.JPG CM3332 West Sussex Hove Sacred Heart.JPG CM3333 West Sussex Hove All Saints.JPG CM3334 West Sussex Hove St John the Baptist.JPG CM6326 Hants Old Basing.JPG CM6327 Hants Mapledurwell.jpg CM6281 Hants Popley Latter Day Saints.JPG CM6282 Hants Popley St Gabriel.JPG CM6313 Hants Basingstoke St Mary.jpg CM4492 Leics Ashby de la Zouch.JPG CM0921 Hants Hartfordbridge.JPG CM4415 Hants Eversley.JPG CM6425 Cambs Catworth St Leonards.jpg CM6426 Cambs Catworth Methodist.JPG CM1305 MK Hardmead.JPG CM7164 MK Newton Blossomville.JPG CM7168 Beds Harrold.JPG CM7169 Beds Carlton.JPG CM7165 Beds Turvey.JPG CM7167 MK Lavendon.JPG CM7050 Northants Bozeat.JPG CM7049 Northants Easton Maudit.JPG CM6579 Northants Grendon.JPG CM7163 MK Clifton Reynes.JPG CM7161 MK Ravenstone.JPG CM5598 MK Cross & Stable.JPG CM6880 Bucks Dagnall.JPG CM5560 MK Loughton Baptist.JPG CM6645 MK Great Linford.JPG CM2661 Beds Willington.JPG CM4972 Leics Long Whatton New Baptist.JPG CM4973 Leics Long Whatton Methodist.JPG CM4974 Long Whatton All Saints.JPG CM5901 Leics Osgathorpe.JPG CM4507 Leics Worthington.JPG CM5444 Leics Griffydam.JPG CM4971 Leics Diseworth.JPG CM5457 Leics Thringstone.JPG CM5608 Leics Ibstock.JPG CM5144 Leics Newton Burgoland.JPG CM6823 MK Great Brickhill (Mine).JPG CM6808 MK Little Brickhill (Mine).JPG CM3265 Northants Blatherwycke.JPG CM3248 Northants Bulwick.JPG CM6807 MK Bow Brickhill (Mine).JPG CM3731 Cambs Cockayne Hatley.JPG CM2445 Cambs Gamlingay.JPG CM3236 Cambs Hatley.JPG CM3237 Cambs East Hatley.JPG CM6343 Tyne & Wear Roker St Andrews.JPG CM3816 E Yorks Pollington cum Balne.JPG CM0109 Hants Langrish.JPG CM1957 Cambs Kingston.jpg CM3697 Cambs Barton.JPG CM4061 Cambs Barton Baptist.JPG CM0632 Cambs Hardwick.JPG CM5145 Leics Normanton le Heath.JPG CM6028 Beds Wilden Baptist.JPG CM1563 Beds Great Barford.JPG CM3030 Beds Bletsoe.jpg CM5354 Warks Welford-on-Avon.JPG CM5324 Warks Weethley.JPG CM4483 Worcs Inkberrow.JPG CM1403 Warks Arrow.JPG CM5243 Cambs Comberton Baptist.JPG CM0633 Cambs Comberton.jpg CM0631 Cambs Toft.JPG CM5245 Cambs Toft Methodist.JPG CM1958 Cambs Caldecote.jpg CM5707 MK Kents Hill.JPG CM2697 Beds Renhold.jpg CM3316 Beds Wilden.JPG CM3315 Beds Ravensden.JPG CM5469 Bucks Marsh Gibbon.JPG CM5756 Beds Hulcote.JPG CM2156 Cambs Sawtry All Saints.jpg CM4744 Cambs Sawtry Methodist.JPG CM3673 Cambs Thornhaugh.jpg CM2233 Cambs Wansford.JPG CM5406 Lincs Stamford St George.jpg CM5686 Lincs Stamford St Mary St Augustine.JPG CM5685 Lincs Stamford All Saints.JPG CM5684 Lincs Stamford St Mary.jpg CM5407 Lincs Stamford St Martins.jpg CM5183 Northants Collyweston.JPG CM2264 Rutland Ketton.JPG CM2274 Northants Wakerley.JPG CM5003 Rutland Barrowden.jpg CM5026 Derbys Ticknall.JPG CM4124 Cambs Bourn St Mary.JPG CM5244 Cambs Eltisley Methodist.JPG CM3742 Cambs Eltisley St Panionia.jpg CM1989 Cambs Caxton St Andrews.JPG CM5203 Cambs Caxton Baptist.JPG CM5473 MK Heelands.JPG CM3711 London Blackheath All Saints.JPG CM4000 London Westminster Abbey.jpg CM5143 Leics Ashby St Helens.jpg CM2746 MK New Bradwell St James.JPG CM2741 MK Newport Pagnell St Peters.jpg CM5327 MK Willen.jpg CM5325 MK Broughton.JPG CM5326 MK Milton Keynes Village.JPG CM1047 MK Woolstone.JPG CM5328 MK Woughton-on-the-Green.JPG CM5361 MK Central MK (One of Mine).JPG CM1713 MK Wavendon (One of Mine).JPG CM2534 MK Walton Hall (Mine).JPG CM5342 MK Simpson (Mine).JPG CM4729 Beds Swineshead Wesleyan.JPG CM2684 Beds Swineshead St Nicholas.JPG CM2682 Beds Shelford.JPG CM2491 Northants Hargrave.JPG CM2490 Cambs Covington.JPG CM3036 West Sussex Pyecombe.JPG CM1006 East Sussex Rottingdean.JPG CM4491 Leics Packington.JPG CM4506 Leics Coleorton.JPG CM2910 Leics Swannington.JPG CM3589 Leics Snibston.JPG CM3312 Leics Ravenstone.JPG CM4550 Leics Heather.JPG CM4200 Leics Cross Hill.JPG CM4199 Leics Thornton.JPG CM3375 Leics Desford.JPG CM3377 Leics Newbold Verdon Methodist.JPG CM3374 Leics Newbold Verdon St James.JPG CM4271 Leics Cadeby.JPG CM4272 Leics Sutton Cheney.JPG CM4611 Leics Carlton St Andrew.JPG CM4610 Leics Shackerstone.JPG CM1775 Leics Congerstone.JPG CM4609 Leics Norton Juxta Twycross.JPG CM4551 Leics Snarestone.JPG CM4608 Leics Appleby Magna.JPG CM4606 Warks No Mans Heath.JPG CM4607 Leics Stretton en le Field.jpg CM2689 Cambs Easton.JPG CM2688 Cambs Stow Longa.JPG CM2709 Cambs Spaldwick.JPG CM0647 Wilts Wroughton.JPG CM3386 Wilts Heywood.JPG CM2507 Wilts Westbury.JPG CM3809 Wilts Bratton.JPG CM3210 Wilts Imber.JPG CM4614 Oxon Great Coxwell.JPG CM2386 Cambs Ellington.JPG CM2342 Beds Oakley.JPG CM2341 Beds Pavenham.JPG CM2683 Beds Melchbourne.JPG CM3018 Notts Southwell Minster.JPG CM3625 Cambs Little Stukeley Baptist.JPG CM3623 Cambs Little Stukeley Independent.JPG CM3624 Cambs Little Stukeley St Martins.JPG CM3626 Cambs Great Stukeley St Barts.JPG CM3787 Northampton Castle Hill URC.jpg CM0937 Northampton St Peters.jpg CM3927 Northants Upton St Michaels.JPG CM1182 MK Old Wolverton.JPG CM2681 Beds Upper Dean United Reform.JPG CM2680 Beds Upper Dean All Saints.JPG CM2836 Beds Pertenhall St Peters.JPG CM3233 Cambs Kimbolton St Andrew.JPG CM2687 Cambs Tilbrook All Saints.JPG CM3565 Beds Milton Ernest.JPG CM3478 Beds Haynes Church End.JPG CM1083 Beds Segenhoe.jpg CM1562 Beds Flitwick.jpg CM2287 Northants Aldwincle All Saints.JPG CM2288 Northants Wadenhoe.JPG CM3191 Northants Pilton.JPG CM3468 Northants Aldwincle St Peters.JPG CM3101 Bucks Dinton.JPG CM2159 Bucks Whaddon.JPG CM0805 Bucks Calverton.jpg CM0942 Bucks Passenham.JPG CM3065 Northants Stanwick.jpg CM3658 Cambs Great Gidding St Michaels.JPG CM2195 Cambs Winwick.JPG CM2127 Cambs Great Gidding Baptist.JPG CM3657 Cambs Great Gidding Wesleyan.JPG CM3253 Bucks Bierton.JPG CM1679 Beds Houghton Conquest.JPG CM1812 Beds Ampthill.JPG CM2547 MK Lathbury All Saints.jpg CM1922 Cambs Meldreth.JPG CM1084 Beds Ridgmont.jpg CM2021 Beds Aspley Guise.jpg CM1185 MK Bradwell.jpg