This day was our mid-point, not that we celebrated the event in any particular way other than figuring out how to use the washing machine at the apartments.

Kas went for a run, as ever.

The daily planner said we were having a day of not travelling far. We’d checked out a few local activity places and we decided to go forĀ Parc Aventura just on the outskirts of Sant Feliu. It’s one of those places where you have to make your way across various assault-course things like tight-ropes, rope bridges and zip wires whilst being fastened to an overhead rope. However, unlike ones we’ve been to near home, this one is in the middle of some beautiful wooded hillsides, and with fantastic views back down over the town.

Parc Aventura has three or four different courses you can go on that have varying levels of difficulty. Kas, Izzy and Ami decided they were going round while I took the photos. They did the easiest route and then stepped up to the second easiest. Ami was going so quickly that she had time to step up to the third level too, which was good because it actually challenged her enough to have a scared moment.

Ropey_14.JPG Ropey_15.JPG Ropey_16.JPG Ropey_17.JPG Ropey_18.JPG Ropey_19.JPG Ropey_20.JPG Ropey_21.JPG Ropey_22.JPG Ropey_23.JPG Ropey_24.JPG Ropey_25.JPG Ropey_26.JPG Ropey_27.JPG Ropey_28.JPG Ropey_29.JPG Ropey_30.JPG Ropey_31.JPG Ropey_32.JPG Ropey_33.JPG Ropey_34.JPG Ropey_35.JPG Ropey_36.JPG Ropey_37.JPG Ropey_38.JPG Ropey_39.JPG Ropey_40.JPG Ropey_41.JPG Ropey_42.JPG Ropey_43.JPG Ropey_44.JPG Ropey_46.JPG Ropey_47.JPG Ropey_01.JPG Ropey_02.JPG Ropey_03.JPG Ropey_50.JPG Ropey_04.JPG Ropey_05.JPG Ropey_06.JPG Ropey_07.JPG Ropey_51.JPG Ropey_08.JPG Ropey_09.JPG Ropey_52.JPG Ropey_10.JPG Ropey_11.JPG Ropey_12.JPG Ropey_53.JPG Ropey_54.JPG Ropey_13.JPG Ropey_55.JPG Ropey_56.JPG Ropey_57.JPG Ropey_45.JPG Ropey_48.JPG

When we’d finished all of this it was definitely ice cream o’clock. We ended up going all the way down into the sea front at Sant Feliu to find one. Thankfully we’d chosen to go on foot, which allowed me to swap my ice cream for beer.

For dinner we had a fairly simple affair of chicken in various forms accompanied by salads (in the kids’ case, you have to allow for ketchup being classed as a salad).