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Our first full day on holiday began with a lot of relaxing.

Kas went out for a run (which is what she does to relax) while the girls and me generally mucked about at the apartment, by which I mean that the girls went in the swimming pool, and I joined them after an hour or so. In the morning the pool was in shade, so we could get away with not doing the full suncream experience.

We had lunch at the apartment and then decided to go for a walk down to S’Agaro to the beach called Sant Pol, via a somewhat “scenic” route that Kas had run part of the way around in the morning. Whilst doing this I was trying to sneak in a few crafty geocaches too. It was quite hard going because the weather was warm and the coastal path was very hilly (a bit of a theme for this holiday, as it happens).

We made it round to beach just before the kids had a total meltdown about having to walk outside in nice weather. Once on the beach we grabbed a quick ice cream and then I went for a walk further round the nearest headland trying to find a few more caches, again with mixed (i.e. very little) success. Eventually I think I gave up trying and just went back to join the girls on the beach. When I got there I discovered that the sand was far too lumpy for building sandcastles, and they’d therefore contented themselves with just going swimming the whole time. I went and joined them for a quick plodge in the sea to get cooled down.

In the late afternoon we walked back uphill to the apartment and got cleaned up before walking back down to the same beach to find a beach bar for dinner. We had a range of tapas again, and our considered opinion was that the patatas bravas weren’t as nice as the ones we’d had the previous night, but they were still quite good.

We went back up the hill again quite early (it was still light) but didn’t do any beer drinking or snack eating. Everyone was too tired still, so we made it an early night and just dived into bed. Anyway, we’d got plans for the following day.