We had a fairly slow morning before taking a leisurely drive towards Barcelona for our planned day out at Tibidabo.

We got there at around 11am and then bought some tickets and went for a drink before attempting anything else.

After drinks we went for a wander round the big church up there ( the Sagrat Cor ). The view from the top was quite impressive.

24-08_Barcelona_069.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_070.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_071.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_004.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_072.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_073.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_074.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_075.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_006.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_076.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_007.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_077.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_078.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_008.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_009.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_079.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_080.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_081.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_082.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_083.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_011.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_012.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_013.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_084.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_085.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_014.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_015.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_016.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_086.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_017.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_087.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_018.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_088.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_089.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_020.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_090.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_021.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_022.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_023.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_091.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_092.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_093.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_094.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_095.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_096.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_098.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_025.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_026.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_099.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_027.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_100.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_029.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_101.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_102.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_032.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_033.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_001.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_002.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_003.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_005.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_010.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_024.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_034.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_028.JPG

After the church we wandered around the upper levels of the park for a while before grabbing a seat and eating our lunch. We’d taken sandwiches with us, but the kids didn’t want to be limited just by that, so we found a restaurant where you were allowed to eat your own stuff too, and then we supplemented our apparently inadequate rations with some cold drinks and chips. Chips fix most things.

After lunch it was time to explore some of the lower levels. These were home to all of the rides, so I guess it was the main point of the day.

24-08_Barcelona_062.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_035.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_030.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_036.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_037.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_040.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_041.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_042.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_043.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_045.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_103.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_104.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_105.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_047.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_048.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_049.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_109.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_110.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_111.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_052.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_044.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_050.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_051.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_054.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_055.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_056.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_057.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_058.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_059.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_060.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_064.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_066.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_067.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_061.JPG

The rides at Tibidabo were a bit variable, to be honest. None of them was very long and all bar a couple were a bit boring. I guess the park is designed for somewhat younger children. The Red Mountain rollercoaster and the log flume were OK but the rest of it was a bit dull, in my opinion, and because there were also some long queues for some of the rides it felt a bit like a waste of money.

They did work hard to recover one of these two images for us though, after I managed to lose the slip of paper somewhere.

24-08_Barcelona_131.JPG 24-08_Barcelona_130.JPG

We drove back home at about 5pm, which put us into the evening rush hour again.

Once at home we got changed quickly and walked halfway down the hill to the Guixols Cafe to have some beer and burgers. It was really rather good.