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Early Morning Walk

This was another full day that we spent in and around our resort. We didn’t have a car, so no real possibility of going anywhere else. It was a day where I ended up walking to the beach and back twice in one day. Different beaches though.

I persuaded Ami to come for a walk with me this morning. We walked downhill to a nearby promontory that had a geocache right on the end of it. I nearly chose this location to host my caching event but eventually decided against it. That proved to be a wise move, because in the event there’s nowhere to park nearby and not really much space to stand. And I wouldn’t like to be caught down there in fading light.

Anyway, the walk down included a very, very steep bit of road. The locals seem to go in for very steep roads, and just surface them with barely finished concrete. I guess this enhances grip and maybe lasts a bit longer than tarmac when it’s extremely hot. But anyway, I wouldn’t have fancied trying to take my car down there.

When we came back, some enthusiastic runners were using the same part to do some hill training.

When we got back to the hotel, we treated ourselves to another lavish breakfast.


Next on the agenda was to make some bookings for other parts of the holiday. I booked a car for the following three days (Sunday to Tuesday) and then a bus trip to Samaria Gorge for Thursday. There’s no point in having a car for Samaria Gorge – it’s a one-way trip, basically.

For some reason I still had a horrible headache. It was refusing to go away and I began to wonder whether I was suffering from caffeine withdrawal, as I’d not been drinking a lot of coffee so far on the holiday. I’d ruled out alcohol, as I’d not been drinking much. It might have been heat exhaustion, but I’d not been out much. And it could have been the hotel’s apple juice, of which I’d drunk quite a lot since we arrived. But I think it was most likely caffeine withdrawal.

Anyway, after a bit of lazing around, it became lunchtime, and another lavish meal was consumed. By “lavish”, I mean “mainly chips” in the case of our two kids. But they don’t seem out of step with other kids in the hotel, so what the hell?


After lazing around for a while to let the lunch settle, Kas and me went for a walk down to Agia Pelagia Beach in the late afternoon. I failed to find a geocache there – it should have been obvious but I couldn’t find it. It was supposedly around the far side from our hotel and was a bit too far for the previous morning walk. Whilst walking back from there we retired into a beach bar for cold coffees and milkshakes. The girls decided not to come with us because, whatever. I’d left them some Euros to buy ice cream, but apparently that was too much effort too, so they’d both just stayed in their room.

We had a slightly later dinner than the previous two nights, after which the kids gave up and went back to their room again. That left me and Kas to discover the upstairs cocktail bar.

I was hoping very much that a new day would see the end of my headache.