One More Walk

Our final fling in and around Agia Pelagia. All holidays come to an end eventually. If they didn’t, it’d be called unemployment or retirement rather than holiday. But I digress, as I often do.

I couldn’t sleep so I ended up getting out of bed earlier than I had on other “do nothing” days. I had in my sights the proverbial Moby Dick – a geocache called Agia Pelagia at the far end of the Beach. It had so far evaded me, and this morning was the last chance saloon. As is often the case I spent way too long in the saloon. I was about to give up again when I thought it might be worthwhile to read through other logs and look at other people’s photos. A couple of them, thankfully, gave the game away. But even armed with this new information it took my fingers a while to find the necessary. And even then it resulted in a sharp stabbing pain as I made contact with a bit of a cactus. But anyway, at the second visit, and after maybe 30 minutes searching in total, I’d found it. Good. No Moby Dick for me.

A Quiet Day

I legged it back up the hill and was back home in time for a fairly early breakfast. I can’t remember who else came to the restaurant for this meal but I suspect it wasn’t all four.

The kids never seemed enthusiastic after the first couple of days and to be honest they were probably in shutdown mode anyway. So I had some breakfast but don’t remember who else did.

Then for the rest of the morning, there was some snoozing and some packing of suitcases.

The girls managed to get up in time for lunch, so all four of us went over.

Most of the afternoon was also spent alternating between packing and snoozing. We’d asked the kids to pack everything except for stuff they’d need in the evening or morning. I didn’t want there to be any time pressure getting out of the room on departure day. I’d already spoken to the minibus company that was fetching us, so I knew when they were due and we supposedly had ages in the morning. But it never takes much for ages to turn into a rush around. So by mid-afternoon the majority of everyone’s stuff was back in the suitcases.

One More Trip to the Beach

We had some cash left in Euros, and there was a place that did nice beer and milkshakes, and we were technically still on holiday. And generally, you get the picture. So at about 3:30 we left the hotel and walked down to the beach one final time.

Before going into the sea we did a bit of souvenir shopping and I finally posted the postcard we’d taken out of a geocache when we were up on the Lasithi Plain. That was about 10 or 11 days previously. I hadn’t been searching very hard for a postbox. On my morning walk I’d spotted one.

The sea was warm, wet, and vaguely salty again. On this trip we weren’t quite so enthusiastic, so we limited our swimming and plodging to about 40 minutes before retiring to the “purple bar” for some chilled beverages. Some were milkshakes and some were beer. And some were, in fact, food rather than beverages. It was a good way to finish off the holiday.

Not Quite Finished

We legged it back up the hill with thoughts of one final dinner. It was a fairly cordial affair by recent standards. We spent a while talking about the good and bad bits of the holiday whilst picking away at several plates of food.

After dinner, the kids were pooped again and they went to their room. Me and Kas had one final round of cocktails on the terrace bar and retired to our room too. It was quite early, but the following day promised to be a long and tiring one.