I’m Tired, and Everything Hurts

The previous day’s exertions in Samaria Gorge left us somewhat the worse. We thought it would, so we’d planned this as a slow day. In fact, referring to it as a slow day makes it sound a lot more busy than it was.

This is probably going to be the shortest and least informative of all the posts about the holiday.

OK, you get the picture. We didn’t do much.

We had a late breakfast – “pushing on closing time” kind of late. It allowed us to make up for the lack of dinner the previous night.

Ami didn’t attend breakfast. Later discussion revealed she had really pretty bad blisters, which had burst and left some big gaps in coverage. She addressed that with plasters, but they took several days to recover, during which she found walking very uncomfortable. She also had a bruised knee from where she fell over.

Venus still had achy feet too, and I’d managed to get blisters on the ends of my little toes. All-in-all we were a sorry bunch of individuals on this day. Kas seemed to be the only one with no injuries, but even she was drained of energy.

Then we spent the rest of the morning snoozing in our rooms until it was lunchtime.

We did manage to get Ami to join us for lunch. It passed the time for an hour or so.

And then we farted about doing nothing of note again all afternoon. I spent an amount of time starting the blog posts for this holiday and mucking about with planning a geocaching trip for a few days later.

Finally, we had an uneventful and unenthusiastic dinner followed by a couple of drinks on the terrace bar. The highlight of my day was taking a nighttime photo of the pool, and even that might actually have been taken on a different day.