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Early Morning Constitutional

My day involved two beaches. The first involved legging it down to Lygaria Beach from the hotel. This is the southerly one of the two close to our hotel. It’s much like the northerly one though. It’s a very narrow beach backed with a paved walkway and a load of bars and restaurants. None of those were open when I walked past early in the morning.

The walk down took an extremely steep route which, of course, meant it’d be steep on the way back too. Oh well.

My target for the walk was a geocache at the very southern end of the beach. In fact, the paved walkway continued past the end of the beach and out onto a rocky promontory. The cache was behind a lamppost at the end of that.

The walk back up took a while in the heat, but obviously that wasn’t much of a surprise.

The Rest of the Morning

The rest of the morning involved having breakfast and then it settled down into a busy morning of doing nothing. I’m really not very good at having nothing to do so I was a bit bored.

We went for lunch together too before retiring back to the rooms for another intensive afternoon of doing nothing.

Sea Swimming

For mid-afternoon we managed to persuade the kids to come for a walk down to the Agia Pelagia Beach, the second of my two beaches this day. They weren’t happy. They wanted to go down on the hotel’s bus (or specifically come back on the bus) but the hotel receptionist was hopeless on the subject of where the bus actually left from. Rather than wander around like numpties and end up walking anyway, we sort of just went with a bit of grumping going on.

That proved to be a great decision. The walk down takes no time at all and we took swimming stuff to go for a dip in the sea. The beach was absolutely chocker, but we managed to find ourselves enough space to chuck two towels and our bags. So off we went into the sea. It was wonderfully cooling.

The sea here drops away quite quickly but there was a rocky reef about 20m out which was great for standing on if you’re rubbish at swimming. It was maybe 4:30 when we arrived and we ended up staying in the sea for an hour or more before retiring to “The Purple Bar” for milkshakes.

On the way back up we stopped at the supermarket to buy food and drinks for the following day, which was going to be a bit of a monster.

And because the following day was going to be a monster, we grabbed dinner quite quickly and went to bed.