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After Cairo we flew over to Sharm el Sheikh for a bit of a break from all the temples and museums. Well, they’re hard work, aren’t they? Especially in that heat.

Seriously though, we spent this week doing all sorts of not a lot. Our hotel was right by the beach and there were a few restaurants and cafes along the sea front so there was a bit of choice.

We went diving one day, but not before we’d had to go to a PADI approved doctor in town who gave me a certificate to say my use of prescription nasal spray wasn’t a problem. We scoobed in a pool. We tried some snorkelling in the sea too.

On one day we took a short cruise in a glass-bottomed boat, which gave us more of a view of the excellent diving conditions that we didn’t quite get down to.

We also spent a day on buses taking a tour to the Saint Catherine’s Monastery, up in the Sinai desert. It was hot that day.