The Emerson Valley Brownies went over to Willen Lake for a bit of R&R at Aerial Extreme.

Ami was, as expected, showing off her 50% monkey DNA by moving around the place really quickly, but to her credit she got stuck behind a couple of less confident kids without getting upset.

And then we had a weird discussion about whether she could go up the “big tower” (why would I stop her ?).

And so she went up. And came back down.

They finished a bit late, but thankfully Brown Owl was still there, and so were the drinks and biscuits.

We walked back to the car with Lola and her dad and I had to resist some serious pressure to buy an ice cream from the van (which wasn’t there).

Oh, and I’d dashed off and found 4 caches in the meantime, so not a bad evening all-in-all.

Aerial_Extreme_01.JPG Aerial_Extreme_02.JPG Aerial_Extreme_04.JPG Aerial_Extreme_03.JPG Aerial_Extreme_06.JPG Aerial_Extreme_05.JPG Aerial_Extreme_07.JPG Aerial_Extreme_08.JPG Aerial_Extreme_09.JPG Aerial_Extreme_10.JPG Aerial_Extreme_11.JPG Aerial_Extreme_12.JPG Aerial_Extreme_13.JPG Aerial_Extreme_14.JPG