The year 2000 seemed to be the year when everyone we knew got married, including ourselves. So we had a number of weddings to attend, which meant a number of trips away.

Very approximately in order then :

We got married in May in Milton Keynes. Then the Weedons got married in Scotland, the Brewsters got married in Milton Keynes and the Burlaces got married in Cornwall.

Weedons_01 Weedons Wedding Gardners.jpg Weedons_02 Weedons Wedding Burlaces.jpg Weedons_03 Weedons Wedding Emma.jpg Weedons_04 Weedons Wedding Kippers.jpg Weedons_05 Weedons Wedding Emma & Jimmy.jpg Weedons_06 Weedons Wedding Couple & Piper.jpg Weedons_07 Loch Lomond Geezers.jpg Weedons_08 Loch Lomond Kas.jpg Weedons_09 Loch Lomond.jpg Weedons_10 Inveraray Castle.jpg Weedons_11 Invararay Stream.jpg Weedons_12 Invararay Castle.jpg Weedons_13 Invararay Bridge.jpg Brewsters_01 Swannies.jpg Brewsters_02 Kas & Gramsie.jpg Brewsters_03 Ian & Liz.jpg Burlaces_03 Cornish Coastline.jpg Burlaces_04 Cornish Hill.jpg Burlaces_05 Cornish Coastline.jpg Burlaces_06 Cornish Coastline.jpg Burlaces_01 Steve & Jools.jpg Burlaces_02 Steve & Jools.jpg