We were staying at Kas’s mum’s house for the Easter weekend. It must have been Easter because we were in the North-East for at least 3 days. So by definition this must have been Good Friday. We’d driven up in the morning (must have done, because we logged a geocache on the M1 near Sheffield).

We decided we’d go down to the beach at Seaham to collect a bit of sea-worn glass and similar substances, and to get a bit of fresh air while we could. And on Seaham beach at this time of year the air is normally quite fresh. But the kids enjoyed it and, in a cold, windy sort of way, so did I.

We did a token geocache in Seaham (Seaham’s Noble Connections) after we’d been on the beach. Well, it had to be done. It was right next to where we’d parked.

Seaham_27.JPG Seaham_28.JPG Seaham_01.JPG Seaham_02.JPG Seaham_04.JPG Seaham_05.JPG Seaham_30.JPG Seaham_06.JPG Seaham_31.JPG Seaham_07.JPG Seaham_09.JPG Seaham_10.JPG Seaham_12.JPG Seaham_13.JPG Seaham_32.JPG Seaham_14.JPG Seaham_15.JPG Seaham_16.JPG Seaham_17.JPG Seaham_18.JPG Seaham_19.JPG Seaham_20.JPG Seaham_21.JPG Seaham_22.JPG Seaham_23.JPG Seaham_24.JPG Seaham_25.JPG Seaham_26.JPG