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We spent an amount of time just meandering around in Funchal.


One day we drove into the mountains looking for some levadas.


Another day we went up on the gondola to Monte for a look around and a dramatic wooden toboggan ride back down.

Botanical Gardens

We went up to the Botanical Gardens one afternoon.

Pico do Arieiro

We had one (very long) day walking from Pico do Arieiro past Pico Ruivo and on to Achada do Teixeira and back. This took us all day, and we were a bit kippered when we finally got back to the car. The walk was spectacular though and the path was a bit hairy in places.

Ponta de São Lourenço

We had another day where we walked out as far as possible along the peninsula on the far north-eastern corner of the island.

The Northern Coastline

And finally, we had a day where we drove around the northern coastline, where the scenery is very dramatic and they had some trouble fitting in a proper road.