Still in Edinburgh

In 1992 I was still living in Edinburgh but I seem to remember the project was winding down a bit by then.


The highlight of my year was a two week holiday in Russia with Phil. It must have been the highlight because I didn’t see fit to put photos in my albums for anything else I did in 1992.

Anyway, we flew to Moscow from London and visited the traditional tourist sites. I’m not doing a lot of narrative here, partly because it was a long time ago and I can’t remember, and partly because it was a long time ago so it will all have changed by now. The highlight in Moscow was most definitely the Kremlin. I remember having a couple of nights where I don’t remember much at all. Too much vodka.

We made a trip over to the Trinity Lavra at Zagorsk by bus, and then the rest of the time was spent in Moscow city itself. I seem to remember that by the end of the week we were struggling for things to do.

St Petersburg

And then we went on a train to St. Petersburg for a much more interesting week, including a bizarre evening attempting to use a UK credit card to pay for a pizza priced in Finnish Markka. It was just after the fall of Communism and the whole place was a bit Dodge City. And there was an equally strange evening in a joint-venture Russian-Indian restaurant that made curries with no chilli in.

One of the most impressive places we visited during the week was the Royal Palace complex at Petergof.