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One of the things Kas asked for, and which was duly painted onto the old patio for the purposes of visualisation, was a tallish bed in the corner between the garage and the house (right where I’d put a new bit of fence). She wanted it to be tall so it helped hide my beautiful new bit of fence. Officially, she was looking for tall grasses and similarly vertical plants to help create a wall of green stuff to break up the solid wall of the garage.

The base for this one needed to be laid quite early, as I was doing some other work in that corner. The interesting feature (if you can call it that) for this bed is that the corner is not a right angle. It’s slightly acute. And, indeed, the fence is not strictly in alignment with the wall of the house either, so the back of the bed is somewhat off-square. I wanted the front of it to be square though, to make it look nice when the slabs go down. What that meant in practice was that it was going to be messy trying to lay the bricks.

Thankfully though, it’s not structural, and if it falls down it’ll make a mess on the patio but won’t really hurt anything.

I started with a nice deep mortar bed as Kas had asked for the bed to be roughly her waist height.

It took me several goes to get the bricks up to the right height and I discovered that the bricks were sufficiently rough and irregularly shaped that the non-right angles don’t look too bad. It was all right-angles on the front anyway, so that worked out nicely.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to finishing this one off with some coping stones and getting it planted up. I sort of fancy the idea of some architectural plants in that corner too. It always was a bit of a big and boring wall.