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I guess it’s a sign that your kids are growing up a bit when one of them asks if, as part of the grand garden rework, she can have a planting bed of her own to design and plant. So planting bed #1 has always been known as “Ami’s Bed”

The plan was, as for all of these beds, to lay a concrete base and then build bricks to an appropriate height, topping them off with coping stones. That is, pretty much, the most frequently used method for building planting beds in the garden.

This bed, along with two of the others, is quite close to the house, so I needed to build walls with enough gap to stop any chance of water creeping above the house’s damp proof. As a result it’s a full 4-wall construction.

This particular one is limited in height because of an overflow pipe coming out of the side of the house that I didn’t want to move. If any water does happen to flow out from the toilet cistern it will land in the planting bed.

I had no idea what Ami was intending to plant in the bed at the time of initially writing this post, but in the picture gallery you can see where she went. There are three low-growing leafy shrubs at the back, a cluster of little “fluffy” things that I suspect will grow into flowing plants in the spring. Then there’s a sedum and a horizontal juniper in the front corners. Nice job.