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There was a weekend back in the early part of 2020 when I walked around the back garden with Kas trying to decide on some remodelling. As part of that plan we agreed some planting beds, and I duly painted the chosen locations onto the patio so I didn’t forget.

Skip a couple of months and the beginning of the rework programme. One of the first things I did was to start setting out these planting beds. The original plan had this bed somewhat larger until I started setting things out. I concluded that it wouldn’t leave enough space for walking past, so I shrunk it somewhat, but only after deciding to put another (previously unplanned) bed the other side of the chimney.

So from the first photo you can see the original planned size. The second photo shows what it looked like at the end of September 2020, with all the brickwork done but not yet with coping stones or any actual planting. There’s not much more to say about this one, or at least, nothing more can be said until I finish it.

Might this one end up being the ericaceous bed? The soil round here is a very heavy clay. I guess that equates to it being rather alkaline and hence we’ve never been able to get any acid-loving plants like rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolias to survive. We have a rhododendron in a pot, but it’s totally pot-bound. Maybe we should fill this one with ericaceous compost and try a few acid-lovers in here.