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One of the first jobs that I needed to do was to replace the bit of fence between the house and garage. It was in pretty bad condition. I needed to do it fairly early in the process because I was planning to put a planting bed right next to it. This meant blocking off a potential entry route for building materials, however I needed to build the bed before laying the new patio. And so I needed to do the fence before the bed. That’s all decided then.

The weekend after the great COVID reopening, I got the materials from my nearby Wickes store. I had a few bits of materials left over from the 2018 fencing effort but I needed more feather boards and one arras rail to be able to do the job. I used Wickes because I wanted this new piece to be identical to the work I did in 2018. OK, so eventually Kas made me hide it all behind a planting bed, but at least I know it’s done right.

The two supports at the ends were in good condition. I just needed to sand and repaint them. Well, obviously I had to take off the old boards and arras rails first. But after that, all I needed to do was sand and repaint them.

As the ends didn’t need any work it became a very easy job to fit arras rails. I cut some to the existing length and then nailed on some new featherboards. As with the 2018 job I used wider (150mm) boards. I think they look nicer than the thin ones.

I completed the whole job over a weekend with plenty of time to spare. Here’s a before and after shot so you can see the difference.

The old small fence
The new small fence