Geocaching Adventures

In May 2010 Kas dragged me off into a park in Marrakech to “play a new game”
The rest is history. Well, mainly it is geography, but you know what I mean.


It’s All About the Numbers

Profile for MKGees

Studying Theology


Geomorphology is Fun

Climbing the Greasy Pole of Success


A game in which players use multi-billion dollar satellites to find bits of tupperware hidden in the woods.
Furzton Frenzy

Furzton Frenzy

Our first successful geocaching venture on home turf.  We fooled the girls with the “going to the pub” ruse. The pub in question has a good play area.

Tattenhoe Trial

Tattenhoe Trial

A full family, bike-mounted affair on a balmy Friday night. We didn’t find much though.