The first stop off on our grand tour of Greece was the capital city, Athens.

We stayed in a moderate class hotel somewhere in the city centre, having arrived on a BA flight from Heathrow.

We stayed around four days.

One day was spent wandering around the city centre, including watching the changing of the guard at the Greek Parliament Building. Whilst it may be amusing to try to pass comment about soldiers wearing skirts, white tights and shoes with pom-poms on them, I wouldn’t dare, if only because they all looked like quite big blokes.

Athens_01.jpg Athens_15.jpg Athens_16.jpg Athens_17.jpg

We also had one full day up the Parthenon, like you do. It was a bit busy up there, but we took our time and had a good look around and took loads of photos.

Athens_06.jpg Athens_07.jpg Athens_09.jpg Athens_10.jpg Athens_11.jpg Athens_12.jpg Athens_13.jpg Athens_21.jpg Athens_24.jpg Athens_25.jpg Athens_26.jpg Athens_27.jpg Athens_28.jpg Athens_29.jpg Athens_32.jpg Athens_33.jpg

We also went over to the Temple of Olympian Zeus one day,

Athens_02.jpg Athens_03.jpg Athens_04.jpg Athens_05.jpg Athens_18.jpg Athens_19.jpg Athens_20.jpg

and the Temple of Hephaestus.

Athens_08.jpg Athens_30.jpg Athens_31.jpg

We also went up Mount Lycabettus one day, but I didn’t seem to take any photos up there.

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