Very personal travel diaries of our various family holidays around the world, either as a complete family or in smaller groups.
Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.
Mark Twain

1989 Holland

1990 Gothenburg

1990 Copenhagen

1991 New York

1991 New Orleans

1992 Moscow

1992 St Petersburg

1993 Ireland

1994 Houston

1994 Desert Adventures

1995 Asian Adventures

1996 Singapore

1999 Matterhorn

1999 Porto and Lisbon

1999 Crete

2001 Madeira

2001 Prague

2002 USA

2003 Greece

2003 Paris

2005 Whistler

2006 Les Arcs

2009 La Rochelle

2010 Marrakech

2010 St Malo

2013 Berlin Marathon

2014 Holland

2014 Munich

2015 Algarve

2016 Valenciennes

2016 Chamonix

2017 Saint Omer

2017 Catalonia

2018 Dunkirk

2018 Italian Job

The French Connection

The French Connection

An account of our 16-day family holiday in 2019, in which we travelled to the very bottom of France and back up.

Devil’s Dyke

Devil’s Dyke

We didn’t see the devil himself, but he left a very big hole in the ground last time he was here.

Hampton Court

Hampton Court

I’m Hen-er-ry the Eighth I am, I am, I’m Hen-er-ry the Eighth I am. Making a family weekend out of the original parkrun.

Lads in the Lakes

Lads in the Lakes

Fast cars, big hills, and beer. What could be better? Even the weather was unusually good for November.

The Italian Job

The Italian Job

A highly accelerated version of the “Grand Tour” that Georgian and Victorian gentlemen used to undertake.

GeoNord Dunkirk

GeoNord Dunkirk

Our third GeoNord event in a row. This year’s event was in Dunkirk, which allowed me to revisit some placed I’ve cached before.

Val D’Oise Madness

Val D’Oise Madness

Several days of mad caching just to the north of Paris. A huge power trail of 600 puzzle caches forming a picture of a shield.

Tokyo Marathon

Tokyo Marathon

A long weekend in Japan’s capital while the good lady wife was doing some running jaunt.