In October Kas and I paid a visit to the estate at Blenheim Palace. Technically we might have been sussing out a 10km running course that Kas had got planned. Whatever, it’s worth a visit if you’ve never been there.

Blenheim_01 Lake.jpg Blenheim_02 Lake.jpg Blenheim_03 Lake.jpg Blenheim_04 Palace.jpg Blenheim_05 Fountain.jpg Blenheim_06 Kev.jpg Blenheim_07 Kas.jpg Blenheim_08 Palace.jpg Blenheim_09 Palace.jpg Blenheim_10 Fountain.jpg Blenheim_11 Fountain.jpg Blenheim_12 Statue.jpg Blenheim_13 Palace.jpg Blenheim_14 Fountain.jpg Blenheim_15 Fountain.jpg

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