Munich 2014

In mid-August 2014 the world’s first “Giga” geocaching event was held in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Ami and me travelled to the event on a coach organized by our caching buddy Simply Paul. It proved to be an eventful four days.


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The Oldest Cache in Europe

Pforzheim Services

Munich Olympic Stadium


Eurotunnel Calais

Schaan Bus Station, Leichtenstein

Switzerland's Oldest Cache

Verdun Motorway Services

Reims Motorway Services

All Aboard the Gigabus

All Aboard the Gigabus

Simply Paul had done a mighty fine job of organising a bus tour from Milton Keynes down to the first ever Giga Event in Munich.
Going Giga

Going Giga

A visit to Munich's Olympic Park and Olympic Stadium for the world's first ever Giga caching event. A mixed bag in terms of weather, scenery and caching. Excellent !
Munich Old Town

Munich Old Town

The old town of Munich is really quite pretty and is packed with interesting buildings and activities.
We went to quite a few of them. Mainly the ones that sold ice cream, if I'm honest.
A Very Long Journey

A Very Long Journey

If we thought the trip down to Munich took a long time, the trip home made it look like a short hop by comparison. It's fair to say that we underestimated the amount of time it would take.

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