Very personal travel diaries of our various family holidays around the world, either as a complete family or in smaller groups.
Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.
Mark Twain

1989 Holland

1990 Gothenburg

1990 Copenhagen

1991 New York

1991 New Orleans

1992 Moscow

1992 St Petersburg

1993 Ireland

1994 Houston

1994 Desert Adventures

1995 Asian Adventures

1996 Singapore

1999 Matterhorn

1999 Porto and Lisbon

1999 Crete

2001 Madeira

2001 Prague

2002 USA

2003 Greece

2003 Paris

2005 Whistler

2006 Les Arcs

2009 La Rochelle

2010 Marrakech

2010 St Malo

2013 Berlin Marathon

2014 Holland

2014 Munich

2015 Algarve

2016 Valenciennes

2016 Chamonix

2017 Saint Omer

2017 Catalonia

2018 Dunkirk

2018 Italian Job



A fortnight of fun and frolics in the Catalonian sunshine. I hadn’t been there since it was all in black and white.

Brugse Beer 2017

Brugse Beer 2017

Four days of mad geocaching under glorious skies, whilst trying to avoid a big, blue bear.

Welsh Weekend

Welsh Weekend

A four-day weekend of spectacular scenery, flash cars, and expanding waistlines.



A week of going up and down mountains and rediscovering school geography lessons, especially the ones about mountains and glaciers.



A day of fast cars, unhealthy food and no working. Oh, and I got a phone call about a job offer too.

Up The Lakes

Up The Lakes

A week exploring the ups and downs of England’s most three dimensional county.



Kas entered the 2015 Snowdonia Marathon, so we were obliged to go and have a long weekend in Snowdonia.

Examining London

Examining London

I had a professional exam to take after a period of, well I’d like to call it “intensive study” but it would probably be better to call it “not being bothered” over the summer.