Round the Matterhorn

February 1999

A week of skiing in very, very cold conditions on the border between Italy and Switzerland.


Where we stayed

The Crossing

Crossing from Italy to Switzerland


About as far as we descended into Switzerland


Not a lot to say here except that it was a week spent skiing round the Matterhorn. We were based in Cervinia, which is just on the Italian side of the Matterhorn. From there you can ski across into the Swiss resort of Zermatt too.

We went with our old friends and traditional skiing buddies Brewster, Gramsie, Swanny and the Wilsons. It was the first time I’d been skiing with Kas as an official couple, so that was a novelty.

I seem to remember it was cold, which is generally a good thing whilst skiing, except for when it’s too cold.

There was one day where we got to the top of the mountain where you cross from Italy to Switzerland and retired immediately for a coffee until it warmed up a bit. It was -17o with a wind chill taking it down even lower. Bum to that!

There was another day where there was an incident involving falling off a drag-lift, which resulted in some bruised pride.

In comparison to places I’d been before it was quite a small ski resort, and by the end of the week I think we’d had enough and were craving somewhere with a wider variety. The runs in and out of Cervinia were OK but too few. Over on the Swiss side we encountered mainly broad, flat motorways over the top of a permanent glacier, so not a huge amount of challenge involved.

Other than that, the week in Cervinia was good. The hotel was OK and we managed to get out on a few evenings. A jolly good time was had by all.