Just a few weeks after we’d returned from our rather epic road trip to the southwestern desert, we embarked on a much more British adventure up to the North-East to visit Kas’s family.

I think there was the motive that Kas needed to go and spend time with her sister planning stuff for her wedding, which was (as is always the case in Britain) on the very demanding schedule of being only a year away. This meant Kas spent a big chunk of the weekend looking at or trying on dresses, while I spent much of it driving around taking photos of things.

While we were there we had an evening taking photos on the beach at Whitburn, followed by a Saturday where I dropped Kas off in Newcastle and then drove back to Sunderland to take a few more photos, then back past the Angel of the North and into central Newcastle again to fetch Kas back.

On the Sunday morning Kas and I went down to the beach in Whitburn again to take a few photos on what turned out to be a beautiful autumn morning.

NE_01 Whitburn Beach.jpg NE_02 Whitburn Beach.jpg NE_03 Whitburn Beach.jpg NE_04 Whitburn Beach.jpg NE_05 Whitburn Beach.jpg NE_06 Newcastle Eye.jpg NE_07 Newcastle Eye.jpg NE_08 Newcastle Eye.jpg NE_09 Newcastle Eye.jpg NE_10.jpg NE_11.jpg NE_12.jpg NE_13.jpg NE_14.jpg NE_15.jpg NE_16.jpg NE_17.jpg NE_18.jpg NE_19.jpg NE_20.jpg NE_21.jpg NE_22.jpg NE_23.jpg NE_24.jpg NE_25.jpg NE_26.jpg NE_27.jpg NE_28.jpg NE_29.jpg NE_30.jpg NE_31.jpg NE_32.jpg NE_33.jpg NE_34.jpg NE_35.jpg NE_36.jpg NE_37.jpg NE_38.jpg NE_39.jpg NE_40.jpg

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