What is there to say!

Enough is enough, as Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer once told us. And so it proved to be with this holiday.

Kas left at about 10am. She had an appointment with several English and Welsh motorways to get her to Swansea, where she had a half ironman event. The amount of driving invlved plus the requirement for early mornings over the weekend, meant she didn’t want to linger.

Back on Wednesday night I’d floated the idea of doing much the same. The kids were happy with it, so we were making ready to leave too. We were busyily packing up as Kas was leaving.

As it happenend, the weather was a bit rubbish too, and none of us really felt like staying longer. We wouldn’t have done much on Friday anyway, even if the weather had been nice.

Heading South

Left Ambleside at about 11:30. We dropped keys off at the place we’d collected them. They were slightly surprised to see us leave early, but I explained it was nothing to do with the place per se. We were just holidayed out and fancied an extra night at home.

So off we went, and headed for the motorway. We stopped for lunch at Costa at Lancaster Services and then joined the traditional Friday afternoon queue on the M6 around Manchester and Stoke.

We took a quick leg-stretching break at Norton Canes, which was, as ever, heaving with people.

The drive from there was made more painful by the utterly lousy weather. It was raining very heavily and I was struggling a bit to see where we were going.

Back Home

We arrived home at around 6pm – nice and early. So we were able to order pizzas/McDonalds and have a chill night.

We got a ping from Kas mid-afternoon to say she’d made it to Swansea for her half ironman.

It had been quite a busy and very enjoyable holiday. We dunked ourselves in lakes, climbed mountains, walked alpacas, visited castles, eaten some brilliant food and generally made the most of the great outdoors. It also re-kindled our smouldering love affair with the Lake District.