Our third full day and our first trip into our host city of La Rochelle. We’d uncovered information that the centre of town is quite pretty to walk around, especially around the old harbour, and also the Aquarium was supposed to be rather good, as such tings go. We did both things on the same day, and therefore by definition it must have been a long day. The weather was very, very hot again.

As I remember it, we parked up by the Tour de la Lantern and set off for a walk, taking in most of the old port and it’s immediate backdrop first of all, then wending our way around to the Tour St Nicholas (which we went into), through the area known as the Gabut, and around to La Rochelle Aquarium, which we went into briefly to get out of the heat if nothing else.

Here are the photos I took as we walked around the town.

La_Rochelle_20 Tour St Nicolas Roof.jpg La_Rochelle_19 Grand Horloge from Tour St Nicolas.jpg La_Rochelle_18 Harbour Entrance from Tour St Nicolas.jpg La_Rochelle_17 Tour de la Lanterne.jpg La_Rochelle_16 Tour de la Lanterne.jpg La_Rochelle_15 Inner Harbour from Tour St Nicolas.jpg La_Rochelle_14 Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_13 Mini Lighthouse.jpg La_Rochelle_12 City View from Tour St Nicolas.jpg La_Rochelle_11 Tour St Nicolas Window.jpg La_Rochelle_10 Tour St Nicolas Interior.jpg La_Rochelle_06 Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_09 Tour St Nicolas Interior Roof Beams.jpg La_Rochelle_05 Tour de la Lanterne.jpg La_Rochelle_04 Maritime Museum.jpg La_Rochelle_01 Aquarium Fountains.jpg La_Rochelle_08 Tour St Nicolas.jpg La_Rochelle_07 Tour St Nicolas.jpg La_Rochelle_03 Aquarium Fountains.jpg La_Rochelle_02 Aquarium Fountains.jpg La_Rochelle_39 Maritime Museum.jpg La_Rochelle_38 Le Gabot House.jpg La_Rochelle_37 Marina Boats & Lighthouse.jpg La_Rochelle_36 Tour St Nicolas & Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_35 Tour St Nicolas & Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_34 Marina Boat.jpg La_Rochelle_33 Marina Boats.jpg La_Rochelle_32 Marina Boats & Lighthouse.jpg La_Rochelle_31 Grand Horloge.jpg La_Rochelle_30 Tour St Nicolas & Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_29 Tour St Nicolas & Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_28 Ami & Kev.jpg La_Rochelle_27 Ami & Kev.jpg La_Rochelle_26 Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_25 Tour St Nicolas.jpg La_Rochelle_24 Tour St Nicolas & Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_23 Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_22 Tour St Nicolas & Tour de la Chaine.jpg La_Rochelle_21 Tour St Nicolas.jpg

Once we were all fished out, we walked back around this side of the harbour and caught the small boat across the harbour back to the Cour des Dames, and so back to our car. The chances are that we had meals and ice cream breaks at various points of the day, but I can’t remember where or when, because it was all a long time ago.

Anyway, here’s some photos of fish.

Aquarium_17 Ugly Fish.jpg Aquarium_16 Sea Horse.jpg Aquarium_15 Spot the Fish.jpg Aquarium_14 Spot the Fish.jpg Aquarium_13 Crab with a Lawn on its Head.jpg Aquarium_12 Anenomes.jpg Aquarium_11 Anenomes.jpg Aquarium_10 Kev Reflections.jpg Aquarium_09 Some Sharks.jpg Aquarium_08 Hedge Trimmer Shark and Underwater Topiary.jpg Aquarium_07 Big Flat Corals.jpg Aquarium_06 Mushroom-Like Corals.jpg Aquarium_05 Mushroom-Like Corals.jpg Aquarium_04 Orange Fish on a Bed of Lettuce.jpg Aquarium_03 Gray Fish.jpg Aquarium_02 Black & White Stripey Fish.jpg Aquarium_01 Big Yellow Eel.jpg Aquarium_24 Coral with Black & Yellow Fish.jpg Aquarium_23 Yellow Fish with Blue Edges.jpg Aquarium_22 Wot No Sharks.jpg Aquarium_21 White Corals.jpg Aquarium_20 Big Ugly Fish.jpg Aquarium_19 Ray.jpg Aquarium_18 Posing Fish.jpg

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