Saturday morning in Measham and time for the weekly ritual of doing parkrun.

With Kev’s recent breathing history being a bit shaky, to say the least, this week’s starting line-up included Kas and Ami. Kas originally wanted to run a quickie on her own and Kev run with Ami, but quite frankly I wasn’t fit. As it turned out, nor was Ami. Some day we’ll learn. Or maybe not.

So Kev and Izzy went to watch, to get cold, and to hang on for bacon sandwich time. Kas and Ami went for a run, which apparently contained a good bit of walking. 37 minutes or so. Not brilliant.

But the cafe at Conkers has decided in agreement with the Parkrun team at Conkers that the best way to stop people taking their own food into the cafe is to sell them some instead. So now a limited selection of cakes, and a healthy selection of pork products wrapped in bread. Mmmmmm !

Conkers_03.JPG Conkers_04.JPG Conkers_05.JPG Conkers_07.JPG Conkers_08.JPG Conkers_09.JPG Conkers_10.JPG Conkers_11.JPG Conkers_13.JPG Conkers_14.JPG Conkers_16.JPG Conkers_19.JPG Conkers_20.JPG Conkers_23.JPG Conkers_30.JPG Conkers_31.JPG Conkers_32.JPG Conkers_33.JPG