A very warm day for running – good job we were only watching.

We chose to go down to the 15 mile mark next to the Peace Pagoda, and to take a picnic with us. It was “headquarters” for the David Lloyd Redway Runners volunteer marshaling section, so we had a couple of (busy) friends down there, and it made a good spot to sit with our picnic.

It sure was warm, and as Kev was the only one to bother with suncream, he was the only one to survive unscathed. Everyone else had a bit of a colour. In fact, so did Kev, just less than it would have been without the suncream. Don’t touch the head !

A couple of things stand out from my day.

  • Most people had an excellent time at the event.
  • Some people are too bloody-minded to make any allowance.

By which, I mean, you’d have thought that the presence of a marathon event with official road closures, marshalls everywhere, and 3000 runners would be enough to make you think Willen wasn’t a great place to go if you weren’t going to watch the Marathon, but sure enough there were a load of people who got most upset at the thought they should be asked to stand off the Redway for a bit while the runners came past.

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