I took my new (ish) camera down to MK parkrun this morning. I’m still not running ‘cos I still haven’t sorted my breathing after the cold I caught 3 weeks ago, and Kas was helping with registration ‘cos she’s running a half marathon tomorrow.

So I got a few nice photos at the start but then tried to be clever and use the “sports predictive-focus” mode for the others, which resulted in every single one being blurred. Guess that’s not the right option.

Anyway, here are the photos I did manage to capture.

MK_Parkrun_01.JPG MK_Parkrun_03.JPG MK_Parkrun_05.JPG MK_Parkrun_06.JPG MK_Parkrun_07.JPG MK_Parkrun_08.JPG MK_Parkrun_09.JPG MK_Parkrun_10.JPG MK_Parkrun_11.JPG MK_Parkrun_12.JPG MK_Parkrun_13.JPG MK_Parkrun_14.JPG MK_Parkrun_15.JPG MK_Parkrun_16.JPG MK_Parkrun_17.JPG