A return to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in Liverpool. This time it was Kas’s turn to run it and my turn to look after the kids.

It was being held in the middle of June this year, as for some reason they’d managed to find some other use for Liverpool City Centre on the second May Bank Holiday. So it was in the middle of term time, and therefore it meant that we had somewhat limited time to enjoy the experience.

We drove up on Friday night and were booked into the rather plush Jury’s Inn, right next to the race start/finish, which was good.

On Saturay we did not much in particular, except that I went caching over on The Wirral during the afternoon (see Wirral Wander). Seem to remember getting very muddy and smelly and endnig up late for a dinner appointment with the family. Not good form.

On race day I was tasked with looking after our two kids and also Rob & Tina’s son Finlay (as they were both running). How hard can three be compared to two, especially when one’s a boy ? Apparently, it can be just fine and dandy.

So Kas did the running and I did the breakfast, standing by the roadside, and going for a coffee (in sequence, not concurrently). The kids did some climbing on statues.

Liverpool_01.JPG Liverpool_02.JPG Liverpool_03.JPG Liverpool_04.JPG Liverpool_05.JPG Liverpool_06.JPG Liverpool_07.JPG Liverpool_08.JPG Liverpool_09.JPG Liverpool_10.JPG Liverpool_11.JPG Liverpool_12.JPG Liverpool_13.JPG Liverpool_14.JPG Liverpool_16.JPG Liverpool_17.JPG Liverpool_18.JPG Liverpool_19.JPG

After the race we decided not to linger around for beer o’clock, so we headed out along the riverside towards Crosby and to the beach that is home to the rather entertaining Another Place. We had ice cream, drinks and lunch up there before heading back down the motorways to get home again.

Liverpool_30.JPG Liverpool_20.JPG Liverpool_21.JPG Liverpool_22.JPG Liverpool_23.JPG Liverpool_24.JPG Liverpool_25.JPG Liverpool_26.JPG Liverpool_27.JPG Liverpool_28.JPG Liverpool_29.JPG Liverpool_31.JPG Liverpool_32.JPG Liverpool_33.JPG Liverpool_34.JPG Liverpool_36.JPG Liverpool_35.JPG Liverpool_37.JPG Liverpool_38.JPG Liverpool_39.JPG Liverpool_40.JPG Liverpool_41.JPG