Saturday afternoon, following a fine performance at Parkrun by both Kas and Ami – two PBs. So we’ve done “fit”, we’ve had lunch, we’ve had a snooze (well, some of us had a snooze) on the sofa and we wanted a bit of fresh air to avoid the kids spending all afternoon playing Pet Shop on the iPads.

So we decided a quick trip to the park in Ashby would be good.

I remember the park in question quite well, because it’s out the back of where my grandparents lived (just off North Street, near the Leisure Centre), although as I remember it there wasn’t much there when I was a kid apart from a couple of swings and an old tractor. There was a gate from the back garden straight into the park, but that’s gone now. It seems to have improved a bit since then. And one of my uncles still lives in that house. Couldn’t tell if they were in though.

One highlight was that Izzy got pretty much all the way to the top of the rope pyramid all on her own. And, on two out of 3 occasions, she got back down on her own too.

The verdict from the kids was that the facilities were up to standard. And for the first time in a couple of weeks it was quite warm sitting outside in the sunshine, so we could get away without wearing full Antarctic survival gear.

And after this we decided to retire to Costa for a coffee/caramel frescato/iced mocha/orange juice (* delete as appropriate) and on the way there Kev took a couple of photos of the War Memorial with the intention of seeing if this could be added as a Waymark.

We managed to get back home again just late enough to miss the Grand National.

So all in all, a good couple of hours out.