I decided it might be nice to get my mum something personal for her birthday, so to combine this with a nice morning out for the kids, we decided to go to Chiki Ceramiki in Oxley Park – the kids have been before and they enjoy it.

So on arriving the initial job was to decide which pieces we were going to do. The girls were itching to buy all kinds of stuff, so I agreed we could go back again on another day so they could do something for themselves. Today we need to focus on doing something for Granny.

They picked large platters / plates, which should be slightly decorative and also functional. We have some pieces from here in our own house and they are great – dishwashable and very colourful.

Izzy needed a bit of support writing the wording on hers and tidying a few of the colour splodges, and Ami pretty much did her own design but enlisted Kas to colour in a few of the “twiddly bits”. Secretly, I think both me and Kas enjoyed doing it. Might be nice to go back without the kids one day, it’s probably really relaxing.