Today was a day when we couldn’t be bothered to do much.

We attempted to go shopping at a selection of local supermarkets (more than one, though I can’t remember which or why).

There was some swimming involved, but otherwise we didn’t really go anywhere or do anything.

In the afternoon I went for a walk around Le Tronchet to pass an hour or so.

It must have been a quiet day. I didn’t type anything for a diary and we didn’t go caching, so no records of that either.

Le_Tronchet_01.JPG Le_Tronchet_02.JPG Le_Tronchet_03.JPG Le_Tronchet_04.JPG Le_Tronchet_05.JPG Le_Tronchet_06.JPG Le_Tronchet_07.JPG Le_Tronchet_08.JPG Le_Tronchet_09.JPG Le_Tronchet_10.JPG Le_Tronchet_11.JPG Le_Tronchet_12.JPG Le_Tronchet_12.JPG Le_Tronchet_13.JPG Le_Tronchet_14.JPG Le_Tronchet_15.JPG Le_Tronchet_16.JPG Le_Tronchet_17.JPG

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